Want Happiness Instantly?

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You have all the tools you need inside of you! You can get high on your own supply. Let me show you how.

Here are 3 steps on how to use your own tools inside you.


Before we begin, 2 questions;

1. What if you had a magical exercise, instead of a magical pill, to be Happy, Healthy and Robust? 

2. What if you had a natural magic potion inside of you that will heal and restore your body back to its original euphoric state of Joy, Bliss, and Happiness?

Okay, Okay... Society and the traditional medical systems have conditioned you to be dependent on many levels. I have 19 years of experience in the medical profession seeing this first hand. Despite this fact, I certainly know that things have changed. There is a shift in the world.


HELP ME! I am dying inside and out of the traditional way. It's time to take another path from fear-based news, pill pushing and harsh foreign addictive chemicals to the body and mind! These unnatural chemicals cause end results of dis-ease, addiction, criminal activity, negativity, violence, depression, suicide, the list goes on and on. Just look around, and you won't have to look very far. So many people are suffering from the severe side effects of the so-called helping medical industry/pharmaceutical companies. 

Let's slow the chatter down a bit. Let's look at this rollercoaster and bring it back down to the basic primordial instincts. If we take it all the way back to Adam and Eve in the garden to get a sense of clarity as to what people are really craving; As humans, we are perfect in our true selves as God is within us and we are magical in design. The temptation to explore brought our pure self to a tarnished state and damaged our free will. Having this freedom to choose our own path can be a curse as well as a blessing, but in any case, we can learn from Kensho (insights through pain). I believe the human race is on a path back to our pure self as initially, we were. When we meditate, that is the direction we seek, for connection to our true spiritual self within us. So continue your journey there, but I have a short cut that I have learned! Interested? Well, Keep reading.

In this state of free will and the information age, humans have conditioned their minds to stimulate the frontal lobe of the brain more than the naturally designed usage of the deeper brain; which the autonomic nervous system and immune system controls. In previous years, scientist believed that it is impossible to control this part of the mind until brave, courageous souls begun the journey of exploration to return home to our natural way and create Homeostasis under our will, our control. It was unheard of and absurd. But the pioneers continued and succeeded. We now know, and it is scientifically proven that we can control our internal state. Some researchers have dabbled in athletes controlling their heart rates but never to this degree. Most recent evidence points to self-regulation of the crocodile brain, the most primitive part of the brain that was the earliest to develop. This primordial part of the brain is that which controls the bodies vital functions such as heart rate, breathing, skin temperature, and balance. Voluntary activation of the sympathetic nervous system and attenuation of the innate immune response in humans is now a great topic of application within the way we look at healing.

I would like to give praise to two very influential neuroscientists and Extreme Athletes for discovering our bodies ability to control these natural healing techniques. Dr. Joe Dispenza, Neuroscientist, and Author of breaking the habit of being yourself, and Wim Hof, extreme Athlete (AKA) "The Ice Man." The scientist from Michigan University is in awe over Wim's ability to control his autonomic nervous system and immune system on demand. This will change medicine forever. The giants that monetize your suffering will be upset at this discovery. If each individual practicing these methods could heal themselves from anything and remain Happy, Healthy and Strong, what would we need them for? But more importantly, it is the fact that we as a collective society could actually be free from the hardships we all face today and live a harmonious life. Just imagine if just you could create this state of mind, body, and soul for yourself daily, solely with approximately 20 minutes of your day? Would you do it? 

SIMPLE SOLUTION HERE: From two brilliant geniuses that have natural and straightforward methods to allow your body to return at will to a state of calm, Happy, Healthy and Strong.

Click these links for a more in-depth understanding from Dr. Joe Dispenza or visit his website and events for further knowledge of his Brain wave studies and methods of healing through the mind and heart connection. 

For a deeper understanding of Wim Hof's methods for a free mini-course and to learn of the cold shower benefit for purging dis-ease and tapping into the autonomic/immune system simply click this link. Also, visit this Link with Wim and Russell Brand.

Wim Hoff's exercise:


It's Time to Get High on your own supply! Do this daily first thing in the morning. It takes only 5 minutes for each round. Try to build to 3 rounds each morning holding your breath for 2-2.5 minutes each time. It is always necessary to breathe in 30-40 times to create an alkaline high oxygen state to begin.

Let's go: 3 steps to Freedom, Happiness, Health, and Strength!

As the ocean flows in and out so your breathing should. 

1. Breath in.......then out x's 30-40 until you feel a bit light headed and tingling all over (this is natural).

2. Set your timer on your phone for 1 minute for the first round, then work your way up to 2.5 minutes if you can. At last, exhale....stop hold your Breath and remain calm as you allow your body to adjust to increased blood flow to the deep brain and release of your natural chemicals for healing and relaxed states. Through this, you may feel a pump of adrenaline and fear type of thinking brain activity. But, just move through it by either listening to Wim's voice on the video provided, or I actually listen to the above happiness frequency video by Greenred productions. 

3. When the timer goes off, Breath in deeply and then hold again placing tightness into your head (squeezing the muscles in your scalp and neck holding your attention in the deep part of your brain for 10 secs.

That's it! Round 1 complete! Try 3 rounds and then go take a cold shower and it will purge any unwanted properties in the body. 

Let's keep it simple and natural. Learn to heal your body from anything and be Happy. joyous and free in life. Yes, it is that simple. We have conditioned our brain to feed blood supply to the frontal lobe (thinking mind) which overcomplicates things. How about a reboot today and keeping it simple. Over time you will be using more of the brain, and you can then have control over your emotional, physical and spiritual side. 

Much Love to you,