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Well, we had another funeral last saturday.

Funerals have been a weakness of mine since I was a little girl. I remember my gramma & grandpa dying at our house when I was 8 & approximately 11 years old. We were wisked away & protected from seeing the bodies & not allowed to go to the funerals. It was scarry to me.

The older we get the more deaths &  funerals we are experiencing in our immediate family & friends. Many people are having a celebration of LIFE instead of a funeral. I much prefer to celebrate the life of a person & the good memories than be sad for extended periods of time. Life must go on. Happiness has a domino effect as does sadness. So party hardy when I go.

We were invited to attend the funeral on saturday which was the 1st time we actually were invited to a funeral. F/B has a designated area for funeral invitations that is private. What a good idea.

The now deceased young man in his 50's had been sick ever since we've know him. His Mother is a wonderful friend of ours as well as his big sister. His first cousin calls me his northern Mother as he spent exciting times with us during his youth in Northern Ontario.undefined

We have had some good talks about death as our young friend who calls me his Northern Mom lost his Mother approximately a year ago as her Furneral was on July 1.  This death was an instant death in a car accident. It was totally unexpected as my friend was a healthy vivatious, successful individual with great enery & a zest for life greater than most of my friends our same age.  She was suddenly eliminated from our lives. It devastated most of her family as it was so unexpected.

Her popular, athletic husband had passed away approximateley  6 years ago & had experienced a long sicknes with cancer for a few years. MY friends unconditional love and willpower kept him alive longer because he was loved. It was interesting to hear their son say, he would take the long drawn out death any time as a survivor, experiencing both the quick death & the long death.

I hope I will live FULL OUT until I die.

Attending a funeral has the joy of seeing beautiful family & friends you may not have seen for some time, gathering together to support the living survivors. Enjoying every minute of our lifetime is important as we don't know who's next. We know we're all going & none of us will get out of this big wide wonderful world alive.

We like to believe we are strong & can cope with Life, but the death of a partner or loved one can only be truly felt when experienced.

I am learning to cope with my emotions & death better than I use to with mindfullness. Being strong takes effort & awareness. I am grateful for every experience life has given to me during this lifetime & FEEL TRULY BLESSED TO ENJOY MY LIFE.

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