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One of my Protection tools, when I started growing up a bit, around age 13-14, was big layers of makeup.

I felt naked and exposed without makeup, and when u just a little girl, this can very much Attract attention from people, when they see 14 years old girl put such a mask on her face.

In this times I also started to go out to parties wearing high heels and definitely doesn't look like 14 years old girl.

I remember that I knew that people in my neighborhood talking about me badly, but I also remember that I felt really strong inside that I know the truth, which it is very far from how things look from the outside, and I felt secure and strong about that I know what the truth is. it is not very nice to experience that, but the truth inside of me much much stronger.

I remember that I was bullied by 2 girls, I was so afraid to go to school and encounter in them.
One day, one of this girls Slap me and I was standing without moving, she saw that i'm not beating her back so she wanted to beat me again, and i started to go away, and hope she will not coming after me, and beat me even badly.
I was so afraid and didn’t understand this thing.
I was absolutely terrified from this.
in this times, I had a friend which sometimes treated me very badly.
When we spoke late at night, She use to threatened me that she will call to my home when my family is sleeping , if I am not going to do something that she ask me to do.
All of this things, are things that probably a lot of us went through in some point in life, it can be Less bad than this, or worse.
and we are probably also done things that hurt other people, intentionally or not.
My point in here is to share my view about this things, today.
I think that all of this people and experiences are part of what we chose to learn in this lifetime.
Before we came into this body, we chose the lessons we want to learn for our soul to grow and evolve.
When this kind of things happened to us, we can ask ourselves, what are the lessons from this experiences? if we choce to learn something, it is for our development, and it is going to bring us more Close to our truth, and to the path that it's for us to walk in this life time.


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