What happens to us when we die?


What happens to us when we transition?

You leave everything that has ever bothered you behind. And you re-emerge into the fullest alignment of that which you are.

And you celebrate with all of us. And then you focus upon the things that have always been important to you, but you do it in an attitude and vibration of NON RESISTANCE.

So you are at you most STEADY, consistent joyousness then.

And the most important thing is, you don’t have to wait until you transition to do that, it’s just easier.

Because there is not that much "now-ness" or "is-ness" that you feel responsible or obligated or committed to give your attention to.

When we lose our physical form,……?

You don’t lose it - you walk joyously beyond it.😊 And you don’t look back. You don’t look back and say, oh I was so cute. You don’t do that.

Because there isn’t anything about you then, that is missing. In other words, it is sort of like, remember when you lived on peanut butter and crackers?

What is it that you used to eat, that you now don’t have to eat anymore? And now you’ve MOVED ON from it.

And you don’t usually suffer over the lack of baloney😂.

It was easy to leave behind.

Do some of us stay here and some of us not?


No one leaves.


No one EVER WITHDRAWS their attention

That’s why things get better and better and better. 


That’s what the support of that which all of you have, is all about.

This is the leading edge. This is where all of us are looking. This is where all of us

And those of us in our physical form, can we hear the non-physical?

If you are in the vibrational vicinity of it, YES. If you are missing the "them" then NOT. 

If you are aware of their existence and in the vibrational vicinity, then your interaction with them is frequent.

You do it by acknowledging the existing of non-physical. Do you? 

Do you think that you were non-physical before you came here and that you are following being here?

So when we are talking about this being a vibrational universe, does that mean it is a conversational universe?


Does it mean that it is a verbal universe and therefore needs tongue and mouth and ears to converse?


The consciousness that which man calls god

A vibrational universe means, it’s a communicative universe, yes, there is interaction.

Do you need

• in your dreams, do you need your eyes to see? No
• In your dreams, do you need your ears to hear? No

So are you saying to us, that when you are in your dream state, that you see things that are not necessarily happening in the room where you are?

But you are still able to see. So there is a communication that is happening, a translation of vibration, that IS NOT about the physical environment in which you are.

Do you believe that there is a vibrational universe that is all around you, that you may tune into or may not tune into? But it is there, just to say.

Do you believe that consciousness likes objects of attention to focus upon?

Do you yourself like objects of attention to focus upon?

We have two powerful conversations today. 

Where two powerful creative geniuses who are right in the midst of their physical environment, both saying to us, WE ADORE having something tangible that we can focus upon.

In other words, it is so delicious to be consciousness focused in the specifics.

So doesn’t it make sense that the consciousness that which man calls god, that which we call all that is, that was is infinite intelligence?

Isn’t it logical that consciousness would be focused upon specifics of that which is out here on this leading edge?

So when you allow yourself to raise your frequency, so that you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on to WHAT?

To that Source Energy, to that broader consciousness, to that "all that is".


Your highest calling

to be continued........

Thank you for reading my article. Hope you enjoyed it and I'll make sure to publish the continuation very soon.

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