What happens when we die? -Part 1


I have a question, Abraham. People who have croaked, what occupies them?

• Do they visit other universes?
• Have reunion parties with other croakers?
• Do they spend or increase their escrow?
• And is it worth a while keeping in touch with the non-croakers?

Yes, yes, yes and yes.

And do the croaked have a face like human beings and how are they different or similar to Abraham?

It’s always an interesting conversation that we have with our non-croaked friends, who have this frame of reference that is essential to the conversation.

In other words, as you observe your time-space reality this is the way you are perceiving.
And so, often you try to fit everything else into this frame of reference.

When we describe ourselves as vibration or thought.
Without ears or eyes and so on.

Sometimes it is a little bit unsettling to our physical friends.

But there is a flawed premise that is sort of SPARKLING here at the basis of so much that you ask here, that we think that as we put this in perspective first.

That then we can answer that question about "what is like for us in non-physical". And even more to your point to "what do we look like"?

We want you to understand something really basic.

You in your physical form are an extension of this non-physical perspective that you are asking about.
You are an extension of that.

Which means:

You are ALL THAT THIS IS and more.

You are an extension of Source energy

That means that you were what you were before you were born into this physical body.
And what you were as you are now in this body is increasing BECAUSE you are in this body.

The inner being, the non-physical you, the Abraham of you is expanding because of what you are about here.
So we were talking earlier about how your inner being, which is that ETERNAL part of you.

Your inner being is in the vortex of creation that we are talking about.
And here you are in your physical body.

And as we said to you earlier, your inner being does not come out of the vortex, regardless of what’s going on with you.

And when you get into your vortex then you have the benefit of seeing your world through the eyes of source.
Now we want to reiterate that here and emphasize it in a way that you can really feel it.

Your inner being, the source within you IS SEEING YOUR WORLD.
Through the eyes of source.

So when you are saying, WHAT DO YOU DO?


We are forward-looking to that which is the leading edge of thought.
But we’ve got to figure out WHAT forward is.

In other words, non-physical into your physical body is forward. But in your physical body, you have moved forward still.

So source energy is fixated on what’s going on in your vortex of creation.
Can you get the sense of the BIGNESS of what that says?

So you were source energy before you were born into this physical body. Part of you comes forth into this physical body. And you call this REALITY.

And we say, yes it is reality and from it, you are bouncing to a vibrational reality.

The larger part of you assumes that this vibrational reality is PRESENT TENSE.

So friends, where is the leading edge of thought? Isn’t it BACK into this vortex of creation?
And are we not inviting you into it here and now?

Are you following us?
We want you to feel because this question is even bigger than you know.

We see through the eyes of source and the inner you see through the eyes of source.
And what we are seeing is NOT what the vortex was like before you were born.

And what we are seeing is not what you are living here in your struggle or in your contrast.
We are seeing the vortex of creation that you have set forth.


Let’s call it heaven if you want to. Let’s call it non-physical if you want to. It is the vibrational energy that precedes.


So it is really interesting when we start talking about a cycle of life to figure out what came first.

What did come first?

So there was Source- oh that was first.
So then I came into my body - so source was first and I was second.
But in my body I am exploring and expanding - oh, well I can’t tell what’s first but that happened.

And so now there is this vortex of creation
• where source remains
• where source stays
• where source focuses

It’s this cycle of life

......to be continued.....

Thank you so much for reading. Hope you had a great time. Please expect the continuation of this article very soon.

Yours, Alex