What happens when we die? - Part 2



So it is really interesting when we start talking about a cycle of life to figure out what came first.

What did come first?

So there was Source- oh that was first.
So then I came into my body - so source was first and I was second.
But in my body I am exploring and expanding - oh, well I can’t tell what’s first but that happened.

And so now there is this vortex of creation
-  where source remains
-  where source stays
-  where source focuses

It’s this cycle of life.

So what we want you to understand is :
Esther had such a wonderful conversation with her father after he made his transition.

It took her a while to find him. Because she was sadder than she thought she would be.
And not as prepared as she thought she was for his transition.

So for a while, she couldn’t find him. And then when she did, she accused him of being Abraham.
Because he sounded so much like Abraham.

And as Esther visited with him one night, once she discovers the vibration of him. Which meant she had to forget about his sickness. And she had to forget about what was bothering him.

And she had to restrain herself to the pure vibration of who he now is.
And one night, she didn’t have much more she could think of to say.

She was talking to him for hours, night after night. So she was sort of winding down and he said, well I think I’ll go now.

And Esther said, don’t go I am not finished. I don’t want to let go of you.
And he said we can start this conversation again any time you want to.

And during that conversation, he had let her know. She said, what’s it like?
He said, it’s not so different from where you are.

And she said, what do you mean? What do you see?
And he said, I see places, I see things, I see streets, I see what you would describe a physical environment.

In other words, you gotta understand that this stuff that you are claiming as your physical reality is


It exists in this real feeling, hearing, textile environment because
• your eyes translate vibration into what you see
• And your ears translate it into what you hear
• And your skin translates vibration into what you feel
• Your nose into what you smell
• Your tongue into what you taste

In other words. What you call reality as come into being BECAUSE OF FOCUS.
And source engage is not depriving itself of this focus.


The only difference between the way source views life, the universe, the world, and all being-ness and the way humans do is:

Source only focuses upon what’s in this vortex. Source does not focus upon the sackful things, that physical friends focus upon, that deprives them of this alignment of this.

Now, was that satisfying to you?

The reason why we ask is because it is not an easy thing to wrap your thoughts around the non-physical universe, when you are so determined, to wrap your thoughts around your physical universe.

And everything that you hear us do, that we express through the words Esther or the books that we express through Esther.

Every effort that we make to help you understand, is to help you understand the WHOLENESS of you-


That there is not a separation between that what you call physical and that what you call non-physical.
Only for you lack full vibration that deprives you of it.

Think about what we just said to you.
So in this vortex where all aspects of everything that you are asking for are, and where your inner being is;

Where the larger part of you is- where the solutions to all the things that you want are.

It is from that vantage point that ALL NEW ENERGIES come forth.

This Vortex is this vibrational place where you can tune yourself to. You can tune yourself to it.
And here is this question that we love so much, more than we can convey to you, and the answer EVEN MORE.

It’s because if you can get into the vortex, you get to see WHAT SOURCE SEES.
And yet you want to make what source sees entirely different than what you see when you are happy.

Or what you see when you are related.

But think about those MASTERS of your society. The masters of sport of the masters of music.

Those that you revere. Those that you see, who have tuned themselves to the creative energies and have expressed themselves in the most fantastic ways.

• What are they painting about?
• What are they writing about?
• What are they singing about?

They are writing about what source sees out here on this leading edge.

It’s time to accept the bigness and the wholeness and goodness of this physical world, that is an extension of source.

And STOP TRYING to hold out for this heaven that man has conjured that he separates himself from, every time he condemns himself for not being good.

When you get in the vortex and those things occur to you.
The thoughts that occur to you ARE THE THOUGHTS OF SOURCE.

You can tune yourself right in. And you can answer for yourself EXACTLY how source sees and what source sees.

And no words what you will ever hear from anyone else will ever ANYTHING CLOSE to satisfying

Once you have gotten into the vortex and you have

• taken a look
• and a whiff
• and a listen
• and a feel
• and a sniff

to what source sees and hears and smells and feels.

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