What is life about?

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This is a question that has been unanswered for a long period of time. Luckily, I have found the answer for myself, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if my answer would change in a decade or so. How funny is that? I might have an answer now, but it might actually change. This is a question that changes the answer when we have gained more experience and changed our perspective.

At first, I thought life was about making a success. Build a nice career and have a good family, raise the kids, have a nice retirement and be ready for the grandkids. Well, that perspective has definitely changed for me. Success isn’t what I’m after anymore.

My grandfather’s words had a really big impact on me when we had our last conversation. He has now passed away for a couple of years. But his words, that had an impact on me were: “I’ve had a great life, I’m satisfied.”

Being satisfied with the life you had, how awesome is that! Well, that is something absolutely striving for. This was a total gamechanger for me. My eyes started to open up and I was beginning to see the way I was living and I realized that the way I was living, wasn’t satisfying me. I had to do something in order to be satisfied.

So I basically began to look for the things that brought me joy. The kind of activities was changing as well. Hey, I even switched career eventually. It really took me a couple of years to do that. I still remember the feeling that I had after switching my career. It was something I didn’t expect I would be able to do. I really thought I had to work my whole life in the restaurant business. I had a great time though, but I’m having a way better time now. And the switch did make me satisfied in some areas, but there was still something missing.


Being satisfied wasn’t what I was after as well. It was the movie “Inside Out” that changed my perspective. Years later after watching the movie, I changed my perspective again that it isn’t about satisfaction. But I think now that life is all about creating memories.

But why would it be about creating memories? Creating memories has something very spiritual. The memories you create are being done in the now. You have memories from the past, but they were all created in the now. The feelings you had back then are connected to the memories. If we didn’t have those feelings, whether they are positive or negative, we wouldn’t have access to the memories. Memories without feelings are being discarded.

Anyways, I’m going off topic now. I think life is about fulfillment. And fulfillment is only happening with great memories, not the materialistic things you have. So create some nice memories! I know I’ve been holding back on having a good time. But that is all about to change. And it already has changed in a way. I’m filling the day more and more with laughter. I’m going after laughter because these are memories worth keeping.

Be aware though that the negative emotions will happen as well. They are there to keep us balanced in a way. Because the negative feelings tell you that this is not the way you want to live but it is still hard to understand the underlying message from those negative feelings. We aren’t taught what the feelings we experience are really all about. Maybe we still don’t really understand the language yet.

And exactly because there are times that negative emotions come, I want to fill my life with great and positive emotions. I’m here temporary in this body and life on this planet. So why should I choose to live in fear or regret or shame? No, it’s time to live for laughter and love. The good memories are starting now!

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