What is the Difference Between Dreams and Goals?

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How would you explain the difference between dreams and goals?  If you could do anything regardless of time or money what would you do?  This could be called your dream.  How to achieve your dream step by step are called goals.  

Other differences between dreams and goals are the following:

1.  Dreams require free thought and goals require specific actions.  When we dream we need to allow ourselves to be free of distractions as well as limited thinking.  When we set goals we need to make them ownable (something we are personally okay with doing or willing to do), reachable (something that we can do within reason), and measurable (a specific and tangible result to be reached).

2.  Dreams need to be free of criticism and goals need refining through critical thinking.  Dreams are birthed in a place of possibilities and goals are set and reset until they are finally reached.

3.  Dreams deal with our imagination and goals deal with reality.  Imagination can be a powerful thing when seeing new possibilities for our lives.  Goals in contrast help us move forward from our present place in life toward our dreams.  

4.  Dreams are the "desired end-game" and goals are how to get there.  Dreams are a "clear picture" in our mind for the future.  Goals are smaller steps in the present and nearer future to move us closer to our dreams.

In summation, dreams involve free thought, come from a place lacking criticism, deal in imagination, and are the desired "end game" for our future.  Goals in contrast require specific actions, need critical thinking, deal in reality, and involve how to get to our dream.  

So now it's time to take action.  Can you write down or type out what you dream is in a very specific and tangible way?  Can you think through some reasonable steps that need to be taken to get to your dreams like training, experiences, etc. and lay them out in a step by step sequence?

Now that you understand the difference between dreams and goals, I'll explain the importance of each in my next blog.  

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