What to do when you feeling low and nothing is worth it!


When I have been at my lowest, my saddest, my worst - through illness,the death of a loved one, heartbreak, shock, or a really bad day at work - do you know what I long for most of all?

It's not privilege or luxury or delight. I want things to go back to normal.


I phone my mother, she listens without prejudice, the sound of her comforting voice brings it all back in perspective and a reason to get up and work harder. She may be sickly and frail, has lived a very long life but I still value her opinion!

She went through more difficult situations and came out stronger. I know I can get through this as well.

If that's what you have, if your life is normal, just normal, that makes you one of the most fortunate people on Earth.

I think of that.

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