When the wheels fall off!!

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When the wheel’s fall off!

One Friday afternoon in September, while I was at a work seminar, on the other side of town I got a call on the cell phone that I missed from my wife. I called her back to have our sister-in-law answer the phone with her telling me to get to the children’s hospital NOW!

Thinking about our family around that time (some 15 years ago now) we had just bought our new family home a couple of blocks from the beach, an old run down 1950’s place that an old lady owned but didn’t really look after. This didn’t deter us as we saw the value in the house and it was in an area we wanted to live. My oldest son was just around 4 and my second Son was just around 18 months old.

We bought the house in January and working after hours (working full time) we cleaned and painted the place completely inside to enable us to move in. we had just got the floors polished and thanks to some friends and family we moved the furniture into our half-completed house (still had the outside to do plus some other non-living area’s) I think this was about August of the same year as we bought it.

Our life was about to change forever!!

At the seminar I let my manager know that something was up and he said to drop everything and go. I call a taxi and remember that it took ages to get to the hospital. I hadn’t been to the hospital before here and barely knew where to go.

He dropped me off and I found myself heading towards the oncology ward – whatever that was!!

I was taken into a room where my wife and little boy were and met with a Dr. who we still know today as she has spent so much time with us all.

My 18 month-year-old son had just been diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia (ALL).

The doctor explained to me what it was as I had no idea and she draws a diagram on the whiteboard depicting the white blood cells in his bone marrow that were not maturing and therefore clogging up his bone narrow and stopping his body from protecting against bugs in our world.

What was to come next was un thinkable.

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