When you are full of it

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Not full of yourself but full of IT.

Full of information and a full mail inbox!! A brain full of inspiration but not able to sort it out.

I am amazed at the fact that there is sooo much information and inspiration on the internet.

About once every three months, we are a few girls that get together. We talk about everything, about our lives, our dreams, our processes we are going through and give each other tips on techniques to move forward.

One of the girls are self-employed and has her own business. Many times I could feel that I envied her. I was thinking that she has all this time to plan her business and can take any course or join any community she wants to.

One day she was talking about her situation. How she had several hundreds of mail in her inbox that she had not yet opened, courses she had joined on the internet but not yet started and that she has several ideas in her head that she just can´t get down on paper and get organized. She talked about the days when she was procrastinating and didn't do anything at all.

I have to be honest. I could not understand her situation. Honestly. 

She had a life I could die for!!!!!

I had a dream to be able to have my own schedule and I had so many plans about what I wanted to do. I am aware of the fact that I am very good at organizing and planning my projects and was totally oblivious to the fact that she wasn't able to seize the opportunity and be creative.

Now I know better. I kind of feel bad that I didn't understand her situation back then. I did as good as I could. Understanding

Understanding a self-employed persons daily life is as impossible as understanding how it is to be a parent for the first time. You have to experience it!

So here I am....

I have one day a week to plan my piece of contents and the rest of the week I have planned on spending one hour a day on writing a little bit on my blog and post scheduled Instagram posts.

And then what???

I want to learn more about how to use all the tools on SFM but I don´t have the time. Between the job, my children, the dog, my husband and my training I have like.....zero time! 

I have all these emails I want to read...

All the courses I have signed up for....

I want to be up to date with the SFM training.....

How on earth am I going to make all of that happen with one day a week at my disposal??

I talked to my husband the other day and said that I need to have one more day off but as long as I have made no money that is not an option. 

Momento 21.

So if you are at the beginning of your journey I just want to make you aware of that this is a normal feeling....to feel that you don´t have enough time to dig in as much as you want to.

Be nice to yourself. If you are not able to put in as much time as you want to, you better do what you can with the time that you have. 

And be creative :)

Right now I am looking at things on Google of how to spend my time the wisest. How I can get as much done in as a short period of time as possible.

I am also looking for laptop lifestyle coaches. You know...people that has been on this journey and know the does and don´ts. 

What do you do to organize your day?? How have you found your balance?



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