Who is the Uber of Education?

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Have you heard about disruptive technologies? Like Uber and self-driving cars for taxi drivers, Airbnb for the hotel chains, and I could go on and on. Disruptive technology is the innovation that creates a new market, and disrupts an existing market, displacing market leaders and products.

What is a disruptive technology of education then?

Before giving you a name, let’s talk about education itself. Why do we need it in the first place?

I am a big advocate of lifelong learning; keeping ourselves at the top of the game, which has become even more difficult recently in a rapidly changing world. Our knowledge and skills can easily become obsolete from one day to the other, and we can find it difficult to give value to the world, so earn an income. Education is about purchasing new knowledge and skills, which makes you a “person of value” so that you can give value to people or organizations, and get paid in return.


Future-proof yourself

It is so difficult to tell what knowledge and skill set won’t be obsolete for sure in the near future. There are couple of things to consider here though. Whatever your choice is, you have to be passionate about it, otherwise, you will be bored, unhappy and unfulfilled soon. Furthermore, your educational choice should make you able to work on something bigger than you, such us changing peoples’ lives for the better, help the starving, equip the poor, or whatever is important for you, since doing so gives you the real satisfaction and fulfilment in life, and keeps you motivated and passionate.

The ultimate skill set

There are many things out there worth learning and doing. The last thing I learnt 6 years ago, which has completely changed my life is facial aesthetics on top of my dermatology speciality. It is a form of art, making my patients face more beautiful, and satisfying to do as well. However, I still had a couple of issues with my work-life balance. Two things namely: 1, when I don’t work, I don’t earn; 2, if I want to earn more money, I need to see more patients. So, practically, I give up my time for money. There has to be more in life than doing that.
So, I am back in education mode again.


What skill set I have chosen this time?

So, I was looking for something:
- Future-proof (won’t go out of fashion in the foreseeable future)
- Can be automated (so I can earn an income independently; whether I am working or not)
- Scalable (if I want to earn more, I don’t need to work more, only upscale my revenue streams)
- I can leverage the power of computers so I can make the new technology work for me
- I want to have fun, and make friends along the way

Based on all this, I have chosen to learn affiliate marketing, and everything comes with it.

What is affiliate marketing?

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