Why are goals important?

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Goals are important basically because they are the first step in actually getting something done.

Chances are, every positive outcome in your life is because you’ve actively made a decision to do something and then followed through with it. There is the odd exception of ‘dumb luck’ and getting something out of the blue, but generally, if you want to get what you want, you have to set a goal of how you’re going to get it.

Most of us know what we want out of life, whether it’s a spouse, better car, be rich and famous, own a successful business, or just being happy. The problem is the vast majority of the world doesn’t get these things because they know they want it, but they’re not doing anything to get closer to it.

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Imagine going around the same track, lap after lap, never leveling up.[/caption]This is where goals come into it. Set goals to get results. So many people are basically sleep walking through life. They’re not setting goals on where they want to be in 1, 5 or 20 years. Think of it like playing a video game. The goal of the video game is to have fun, complete each level and finish the game. A lot of people in life are still on level one, going around and around on the level and never actually moving ahead. If you played like that in a video game you would get pretty unmotivated and simply bored, which is what happens to so many people.

‘Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible’ –Tony Robbins.

What I interpret this to mean is, maybe there’s a big dream you have, but you just can’t image ever being able to do it. Say you’re a scrawny kid and you want to bench press 100kg (220lbs) and you really can’t imagine ever being able to do it.

dream stonesWhat you have to do is set goals to get there.

1-Research lifting techniques and professional strong men for the fist month.

2-eat extra meals and food to put on weight to put more force through your movements

3- Bench 50kg in 1 months time, 75kg in 6 months and try for 100kg in one years’ time.

Suddenly there is a path to the dream. Suddenly you can actually see how it can be done. By setting goals, it allows us to see what we could not before.

Another huge reason on why goals are important is for accountability.

Writing goals down, blogging about them or just telling those around you your goals, make you accountable. It means if you don’t achieve them, you have to answer to why you failed.

clock hourglassIf your boss at work says, I need the report done by Monday, you subconsciously set the goals of, okay I have to have the report done by Monday. Chances are you get it done, because your accountable now and will have to answer to your boss if you didn’t get it done. If your boss never asked for the report by Monday, chances are you probably wouldn’t make it a priority to do it.

Now this is at work, where you have to answer to someone else. Buy what about in your personal life, when you have to answer to yourself? This is why goals are so damn important. Because unfortunately, as human beings, most of us are lazy.

We enjoy watching TV, YouTube or scrolling on our Instagram feed, because it’s easy. If we have something hard to do, a little voice in our head says, it’s okay, we can do it later, lets relax for now. There’s no sense in failure if you don’t get something done, we will make excuses or put it off until next week.

If you set a goal, with a deadline, you are accountable. If you don’t get the goal done, you feel failure. If you get it done, you feel accomplished. You are far more likely to complete your study, or make a sales call or paint the house, if you set a clear goal and say to people, I’m going to get this done. Our competitive spirit inside us will often force us to complete the goal, purely to avoid the sense of failure associate with not completing the goal.

‘You should set goals beyond your reach so you always have something to live for’ –Ted Turner.

I’ve found in life that the people who are miserable, unhappy and nasty are the ones that don’t have anything to look forward to, that are just going through day to day. The people in life that are motivated, hungry and often happy are the people that are looking forward and striving towards something. Creating big, bold goals, gives you something to work towards, a purpose. Goals shouldn’t be easy, they should be super challenging yet obtainable. Goals will give you the desire to progress, to achieve and to succeed at something.

How should you set goals?

Whenever I think of new goals, I write them down on post-it notes.

post it note goalsRecord your goals, however it suits you. I believe the simplest way to set goals is just to write them down and have them visible. I tend to scribble down post-it notes and pin them up on my wall and litter them around my desk. It means I am constantly looking at them.

A vision board is also a great idea. A vision board is basically a board, with numerous pictures of your goals and aspirations. It can be pictures of cities you want to travel to, picture of a relative you want to see, picture of a car you want and so on. Putting up pictures gives you that visual representation, which makes it easier to visualize the goals in your mind.

What type of goals should I set?

I personally like to set up a couple of different types of goals. I like short terms goals. An example would be, today, when I walk into work, the fist person I see, I’m going to smile at them and ask them genuinely how they’re going. Or, next time I see my mum, I’m going to ask her about her day and just listen to her talk.

My favorite goals are 90 day goals. Having about 3 months is a great time frame to work towards a challenging goal and try and complete it. I would recommend having 3-5 goals in your 90 day goals. My goals tend to revolve around my online business. Like reading 3 books on marketing, growing my social media accounts by 1000 subscribers or generating 50 leads of marketing strategies.

It’s also handy to have a self-development goal in there, like get to the gym 40 day of the next 90 or listen to 5 audio books on battling procrastination. I’ve started making videos on my own 90 day goals. Click here to see my current goals.

gardner goals^Filminig my goals for August 2018^

Lastly it’s great to have a big goal, like a 1 year goal. This could be, leaving your job or saving   $30 000 for a dream vacation. You can then use your small goals and 90 day goals as stepping stones to get to your big goal. Having a big goal gives you consistent motivation throughout the year and something to strive towards.

One big goal that I have continually been working towards is growing my online business. I promote educational material on how to make a full time income online! If you would like to know more, visit my website, www.myworldwideoffice.com

Remember if you’re not setting goals, you’re going sideways. Set goals so you can keep leveling up and be accountable to your goals. Now reach out to me and let me know what your goals are!


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