Why is your personal brand important for your entrepreneurial lifestyle vision?

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Why is your personal brand important to implement your lifestyle vision?

For nearly 10 years I worked for one of the top global brands. For years this brand was perceived as x so changing that brand perception, has taken a lot of thinking and work to clearly and consistently communicate the 'new' brand attributes.

In the same way that it happens to companies, personal brands evolve over time, but they are also governed by perceptions of those around us. In this digital world, this is amplified as not only our in person or on person footprints affect perceptions but also our online messages.

I've been thinking about this over the weekend as it is clear that in today's world, hard-work is not enough to land you the work you dream off or to become successful in your own business. However, in particular, if you are an entrepreneur, your brand plays a crucial role in how to execute your lifestyle vision.

According to Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, 'your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room.' So your brand is your promise, essence, reputation and how people experience YOU.

But if people experience your brand all the time in person, on paper or online then it is clear that creating a brand is organic, it constantly evolves and everything you do either supports or diminishes the perception you want to give the world about you.

As an entrepreneur, if you want to make changes to your brand it is important to understand if you are authentic through a:

1. Clear branding that enhances your strengths and taps into your values. 

2. Consistent branding (online, in person and on paper) that will not only allow you to stand out from the crowd but also give you more confidence with you own unique expression of what you can do. So to have a clear and consistent branding, there are key questions to ask yourself.

Top 5 Questions to Build Your Brand

1. What do you believe are your strengths? How do you use your strengths online, in person and on paper?

2. Have you ever asked the people that interact with you what they think about you? What words do they use to describe you? What words describe what are not your thing or your weaknesses?

3. What values define you? What is so important to you that you are not willing to compromise for anything?

4. Are you comfortable with the brand that you have created so far? Are you living on brand? If anything, what will you start changing from today?

5. What are your passions? What energises you? What would you do if money was no obstacle? Are your passions consistent with what you do today?

Finally, all these questions must align with the vision that you have for your life, with your purpose. 

After reviewing these questions, it should be more clear how you can leverage your brand attributes to support your career or entrepreneurial vision. Just remember that this evolves with everything you do online, in person and on paper. However, if you are clear and consistent, if you are authentic it will be easier to execute on your lifestyle vision.

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