Why the 6 human needs are important for happiness and fulfilment.

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Gaining an understanding of the 6 human needs can uncover what stops someone from his or her own happiness and fulfillment.

Our unhealthy and unsustainable habits can lead us to frustration, anxiety stress and even depression. These feelings and behaviors become dysfunctional as there is a continual inability to meet the 6 basic human needs. 

Tony Robbins states, ''Understanding these needs can help in creating new patterns that can lead to lasting fulfillment, and put a stop to sabotage.’'

Most of the time we are not thinking about this and certainly not tuned into when and why we do the normal stuff we do every day, but every day, we strive to meet these needs unconsciously.

These 6 Psychological human needs are:

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  1. Certainty. We need to develop an environment relationships and activities to provide us with emotional and physical safety, for peace of mind.
  2. Variety. We need adventure challenge and something exciting in our lives.
  3. Significant. We need to be of value and benefit to someone or something.
  4. Love and connection. We need to feel closeness, unity to something beyond ourselves.
  5. Growth. We need to constantly grow emotionally and physically.
  6. Contribution. We need to feel a sense of helping and being of service to something beyond ourselves.

We all satisfy these needs in different ways whether good or bad.  

We are all unique, so the way we prioritize these will be different from person to person, and also change as we grow spiritually, emotionally and physically throughout our life. We will change our behaviors to meet these needs. We will swing back and forth depending on our pain and pleasure experiences.

When our needs are met, we will experience happiness and fulfillment.

The trouble is, someone may look OK on the surface, but deep down they may feel that something is missing in their life and can’t identify what it is.

Tony Robbins reports that if you prioritize ''Significant'' or ''Certainty'' at the top of your needs, then your life will have problems.

I personally can relate to this as I placed a past relationship at the top and sacrificed my other needs. I held onto that bad relationship, as I thought it would make me happy by providing me with the security I needed, a roof over my head with a family that loved me. But it didn’t. I didn’t feel good, the family didn’t feel good, and the people around us didn’t feel good by remaining in that relationship. I avoided the pain of leaving for a long time, so I became very unhappy, stressed with everything going on in my life. What was needed for me was to recognize the problem before doing something about it. No one else could do that for me. The 6 Core Human Needs was a helpful tool. I hope you find it helpful too in gaining an understanding of what could be stopping your happiness and fulfilment.

Can you relate? I'd love to hear your stories.

There is so much to discuss here. Would you add anything? 

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