Word of the day: Mission

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The word means:

  • An important job, especially a military one, that someone is sent somewhere to do;
  • Any work that someone believes it is their duty to do.


Source: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/mission 


I’m going to treat mission as a goal that is something you love to do and something the world needs. The best part of it is that you love to do this mission and you get a level of satisfaction because the world needs it. It’s not necessary the recognition you need, but it’s more about leaving a better world behind, a legacy perhaps or a blueprint for the next generations to come and they can build upon. It doesn’t feel like work because we love what we’re doing or we love to see the result coming from it.

undefinedNow we might not love the action that is required for the mission, but the result is something we are after. It might not be the best example because it is not really visible in a direct way. There are a lot of people with overweight and with that come to a lot of risks. But how come the world needs it for you to lose weight? Well, I can just think of a couple; one is that you will be an example for someone else that it is possible. It will provide inspiration for someone else. Second, with less hunger, there’s more food available to share, so that even the poor can have some better food instead of going through the garbage. I know it is long fetched.

And I can tell that switching from unhealthy foods to healthy foods isn’t that much fun. Especially the beginning is tough because the whole body is going through withdrawal symptoms. And boy did I get cranky at day 2. But a great example of someone carrying out this kind of a mission is Jamie Oliver.

If you are interested in finding out more about his mission, here is his website:



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