Fear of the Unknown Hold us Back !

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Why going in the unknown is so challenging for all of us? By staying comfortable and  in our zone of certainty  we are not helping ourselves , let's take a look at how by doing that it can impact negatively  4 different  aspects of our lives !


1- Health

During a long period of my life being healthy wasn't really a priority to be honest, as a smoker for years i even though that maintening a healthy lifestyle was not worth it , way too demanding on a daily basis . 

That was the story i was telling to myself : being in control of my health isn't  essential , not a big deal when you are young right ! But it coudn't be further from the truth , in reality this is capital in life, also the younger you start to be in control the better it is for your balance .

So why i kept lying to myself for years ? The answer is very simple : Fear of the Unknown ! I was scared of the commitment on a daily basis , being a smoker and very lazy was not that bad after all , not challenging and fully in my comfort zone .

But if you want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle there is no choice , you need to face the truth and challenge yourself daily , it took me 3 years to quit smoking then look after my diet but guess what : it is worth it ! Stepping out of my comfort zone and going in the unknown paid off , i now realize all the beneficial aspects of being healthy : more energy , creativity , increase in self confidence .

A fascinating interview of Wim Hof about Health Immune to Illness

2- Whealth 

Being wealthy is not more than a dream for most of us , we would love to be in that position but not really doing anything for make it happen . Why is that ?

From my experience i would say it is a big money mindset problem, lack of belief in ourselves , even worse sometimes we think only lucky and privileged people can have it .

This is completely wrong ! With the right mindset , being willing to take action and challenges we all can be wealthy and attract abundance in our lives . But again :Fears are Holding us Back !

When we limit ourselves with those kind of beliefs nothing is going to change .

"Insanity is doing the same, over and over again, but excpecting different results " Albert Einstein  

I was this kind of insane person for years , dreaming of a better life without taking any action , staying in my box (comfort zone ) and looking to successful people thinking they are all privileged or extremely lucky . 

Again i was completely wrong ! The day i stepped out of my comfort zone everything in my life started to change , then later on i completely stopped to blame anyone else other than myself . Doing that is game changer for all of us i believe .

I also want to share with you a educational platform which help me a lot for my personal development and understanding of the online world SFM .  You should have a look !



Feeling comfortable in social situations can be quiet complicated for some people , social anxiety is  a Real Problem, you can check this article about it Social Anxiety Disorder

In my personal life i have been there as well , i spent my teenage years with low self esteem and poor social skills but i guess this the case for many of us . Fears of rejection and judgment can hold us back forever if we don't do anything to overcome them. 

So how to tackle them ? I think there are many answers to the question , however in my experience  languages learning and public speaking have been two very important allies, both helping me to overcome social fears . 

Learning  foreign languages (English and Chinese) gave me more confidence in my social life , more than i would have never imagined when i started my language learning journey 3 years ago . Public speaking is a other great tool which improve communication confidence also by joining a public speaking club you can benefit from the support of other members .

So don't wait , take yourself on , nothing is really stopping us to become better in our social life.       


Sprituallity or our inner game is the most often forgotten, doest that mean it doesn't matter ?        I  was trying to persuade myself of that for years , despite all my efforts to ignore this aspect of my life, trying to be happy and successful without looking inside was impossible .

Yet we think that being successful in buisiness or in our social life is enough but it couldn't be further from the truth .

"Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure" Tony Robbins

We must learn how to look within ourselves and deal with all the fears we can find deep inside , it takes time and a lot of courage i agree , however this is the best gift you can give to yourself.

Meditate is from my experience the best way to reconnect with our inner self , at first it is challenging and dealing with silence is unfamiliar. After a couple months you will start to see the beneficial aspects of meditation appearing in your life .   

Try meditation today and see how useful it is in order to find the balance we all need .undefined

The key message of this article is the following: Fears are in any aspect of our lives , we need to learn how to identify them in the first time then challenge them . Overcoming fear is a key component of our growing process and anybody is able to do so.

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