How to stay creative at work

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undefinedForgive me

I come to you with my tail between my legs. I'm asking for forgiveness for a blog I posted two weeks ago. 

Here's what happened

I was fuming and convinced that I was being hoodwinked for my "Elite" membership and I decided that I wanted my money back! It was quite a hefty chunk of money too! But nobody in the company batted an eyelid at my distressful state. However, neither was there any panicked response on my behalf, just care, and concern. I realized that I'd probably blown a fuse. I've since calmed down.

Creativity is crucial when working online.

Working in cyberspace alone won't feed your soul. Lately, I've spent too many hours staring at my computer screen and nothing else. I am a creative type, so a boring approach to work is not beneficial to me (I now realize). But I want to live the laptop lifestyle too, so really I should be stationed at the beach. I could also be work at the Starbucks just a block away. The problem is, I need a new laptop, so this current mode of work (sitting in front of my desktop), will have to do for now. 

• •We all need a break••

6 ways to stay creative at work

When I began thinking about what I could do to put some spice into my work day, here's what I came up with: 

1. Go for a walk: Get out of the house and stretch your legs. This will revitalize your spirits and give you more energy to continue on with your work challenges. You might even get a new perspective on whatever it is you are working on. Be present and greet passers-by while you're while you're at it.

2. Exercise: When you feel like you just can't take anymore, do some stretches or go for a brisk walk. This will do wonders to recharge your batteries.

3. Eat: It's a pleasant excuse to eat when you need a change of scene. You'll want to consume something that will boost your energy and not sugar-laden food, which could make your eyelids heavy. Hey, you've got work to do!

4. Talk: Break out your cell phone and call a friend or two. This can help to relieve stress and stimulate your mind. Mind you, you don't want to disturb someone who you know is also working.

5. Conquer a mini-project: This is a great time to get those mini projects done. If you time a short break during your work day you can Label it a project break. Attempt to complete a stubborn project and motivate yourself by setting a timer.

6. Clean: You can also schedule some motivated cleaning time even if it's only for15 minutes. Afterall, there's no time for procrastination when there's a ticking timer!

It's almost guaranteed that you won't be blowing any fuses if you incorporate a couple of these creative suggestions into your workday.


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