Creating the Life You Desire

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How can you create a life you desire? Do as animals do and move towards what feels pleasurable rather than what feels painful. Lose fear and remove yourself from pain. Feel pleasure to then feel gratitude.

Appreciate all the things you love in your life.

Over the past 3 and a 1/2 years I have lived the lesson of losing fear and replacing that fear with the feeling of gratitude. 

A forced change in career had me leaving a structured job in the fitness industry which involved me with middle management as well as the teaching of various fitness classes and conducting personal training sessions with clients.

I knew I had work each week with a set roster.

I knew how much I would be paid each week and on what day that pay would be direct debitted into my account.

I never knew how much these simple things mattered until I lost them all.

The gym I worked at was Government owned. The Government decided to shut it down.

I had 6 months to figure out what I wanted to do. The only thing I did know was that I no longer wanted to work in the fitness industry.

I'd had enough of 12 hour days and I did not want to be a part of a privately owned gym where the focus is on generating money by pushing memberships on to new visitors. Other than that, I had no idea what direction to take.

To create a future of feeling "no stress" and "no worry" I ensured not to stress or worry about my future job prospects. I had faith that something would come to me due to me not being able to go to it.

And sure enough it did.

A friend owned an asbestos air monitoring company and was happy to hook me up with a job.

Febuary 28th 2013 saw me in the Fitness Industry for the last time.

March 1st 2013 saw me as an Air Monitoring Technician within the Asbestos Industry.

What a complete 180 degree turn around this job was for me.

I went from knowing my hours each day - to not knowing if I had work until 6pm the night before, and even then it could change on the day.

I went from knowing my weekly salary - to having no idea how much money I'd earn each week if any.

I went from being paid by direct debit every week on a certain day - to not knowing when I would be paid. When I was paid, it was by cheque so I had to wait for it to clear into my account.

I went from driving during non peak hour traffic times - to having to deal with peak hour traffic daily.

I went from working in one location within an office - to having jobs all over Adelaide on the same day and operating from my car.

I went from knowing when I could eat breakfast, lunch and tea - to having to eat whenever I had the chance.

I went from being able to go to a toilet whenever I needed to - to almost peeing myself due to having to hold it for so long until I reached a public toilet.

I went from indoor work to outdoor work.

I went from traininig in the comfort of a gym - to training outdoors rain, hail or shine (which is something I now love).

Believe it or not, the list goes on.

So much change happened in my life. I went from living in fear due to most of the changes mentioned above, to living in gratitude for the things I did enjoy about the job. I learned which bridges to cross and I have now learned which bridges do not need to be crossed. I have learned there are a lot of things I need to move away from and, just like an animal, I am now moving away from pain.

I now know the things I like about the job, which predominately happen outside of the job. Had it not been for my Air Monitoring work I would not know these things I now know about myself. Like an animal I will move towards more pleasure which means moving to a career that gives me more of the things I enjoy.

  • Time freedom to train at any time of the day I choose
  • A work schedule which fits around my lifestyle
  • To be able to work from home
  • Choosing to do any driving during non-peak traffic times
  • Heading to the supermarket outside of peak times

I now know I do not resonate with my current job, hence, I am now starting an online business from home. I focused on the things I enjoyed and, as weird as this may sound to some of you, the whole online work from home opportunity presented itself to me.

So I'll say it again, focus on the things you like. Have gratitude and truely feel it. This will create more of what you like and perhaps you too will be presented with an opportunity that you see as driving you towards more pleasure. That may mean operating an online business or it may mean something completely different. It doesn't matter what your "pleasure" may be - just go for it!

Yours in Keeping Functional and Natural,

Donna Dekker

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