The Power Of Gratitude & Appreciation

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The attitude of gratitude


How would you just like to feel good all the time?

Feel self-contentment and have inner peace?

Having deep gratitude can do this for you, let me explain why.

Some people would spend their life savings to acquire that kind of contentment, learn new techniques, like yoga, meditation, goto an ashram, a monastery, a shrink, anywhere and do anything to improve themselves, their lives and feel better.

Happiness is free

We all aspire to feel happy and no matter what you think will make you happy in life, no one can deny that ultimately “Happiness is an inside job” The best way to achieve happiness is to appreciate all the things you have in life and give gratitude for all the gifts you receive in life, especially the free gifts.

“I am so busy with life, I don’t have the time to feel gratitude, So how do I get in tune with and feel gratitude?”

Gratitude is not something that chooses you and it is not the spiritual or enlightened few, who feel and practice gratitude, anyone can feel it and anyone can learn to be more grateful.

An example of day to day gratitude in action, if someone told you a joke and you laughed, that is gratitude at work, as you appreciated the joke, you laughed, thus you were happy. Your laughter acknowledged to him/her that you enjoyed the joke, which also gave him/her gratitude.

Two words: Please & Thank you are expressions of gratitude, that we use every day. It doesn't take much effort to say either and if you have fallen out of the habit of using them, then they are a good start. You will be amazed at the response you will get in return.

Gratitude goes deeper than just being polite. It is impossible to feel gratitude and be negative at the same time. Go ahead, think of something and someone you really appreciate or are grateful for and now see how you feel. I bet it is good?

The attitude of Gratitude

Rather than just practicing and feeling one off gratitude, you can actually learn to be full of gratitude — always.


Acknowledge gratitude in your life, when you are grateful and when you have been appreciative to others.

Write a gratitude list or journal and list daily things you are grateful for. Feel it and don’t just make it up as you go along. write down something that moves you, the scenery, a friendly face, a smile, a laugh, and a joke. If you look for it it will happen, it already is all around you, your focus is just elsewhere.

Be specific about your gratitude, don’t just say “ I am grateful for my partner”, say instead “I am so grateful for my partner, as (s)he made a lovely dinner today” You are being grateful to a person and for what they did.

Even when things are not going well, you can still be grateful, as every negative situation, is learning to do things differently the next time, and you can be grateful for the life lesson.

Practicing gratitude also returns gratitude in kind. It is Law, as what you put out to the Universe, you get back, although it is best to give gratitude unconditionally without expecting anything back in return.

The more grateful you become, the more positive will be your mood and outlook. Your focus will shift from looking for the negative, or bad and looking for and at the positive and good.

With this new outlook in life, you will start to see massive improvements in all areas of your life. Your new attitude and outlook will have a positive effect on everyone around you, family, work, friends, even strangers. People will just warm to you, and good things will happen.

The greatest thing about gratitude is that there is no end to it and it costs nothing. You have to keep practicing gratitude every day, as like anything else once you stop, it will fade.

Gratitude will make you resilient for the trials in life. traumas, bereavements, illnesses can all be much easier to handle and accept when you are full of gratitude. When my parent’s died, although I missed them terribly & still do, I was so thankful for all the times we had together and just for them being my parents and raising me.

Gratitude fills your heart with joy. I have to pinch myself every day as I am so grateful for my two sons and everything that they say and do. Even when they are being naughty I am still grateful for them. They are a miracle.

Gratitude and visualizations

You don’t just have to be grateful for things you have or have had. You can also be grateful for the things you want and even need in life. To act as if you already have what you want — goal- and be grateful for having it, will increase your vibration and it will come to you faster, or at least the know-how will come to you on how to achieve your visualization or goal.

Saying in the present tense “I am so grateful for the extra income that helped pay for our new car”

What if I can’t feel gratitude or be grateful

“Fake it to make it”. How you think and feel is totally up to you. You can’t expect anyone or anything else to make you feel grateful or happier. Remember “Happiness is an inside job”. No matter what happens externally has absolutely no meaning to you unless you give it meaning. Someone could tell you the funniest joke, but if you are not in the mood, you won’t find it funny. So you have to consciously work on gratitude if you want to feel gratitude, it is up to you. If you do have a bad day, then the beauty of life is those bad days always pass and tomorrow is just another day to start a new.

It’s up to You

Some might think this is mumbo jumbo, but if you don’t try it first you just don't know. Start just by being friendly and polite, say good morning to strangers, smile and wave, say please and thank you, and it will grow from there. And as I said before it is absolutely free, but how you feel in return will be priceless.

To sum up

We have to start to get in touch with ourselves, without judgment, guilt or fear. We have to practice this through meditation and affirmations on a daily basis and be totally open to allow, whatever happens, to happen. There is no end to help online and there will be something to suit everyone, believe me, I’ve tried a lot and no two are the same.

Each and every one of us has to take action though, as it can’t be done for you and you will know it is working when you start to feel better emotionally, even if it's for a fleeting moment at first. It will get better, it has to, It’s Law. Most of all, allow yourself to be Happy.

Call to Action

At the end of the day, life is too short to mess about. We spend most of our lives wondering "what if?" Who knows and you never will unless you try.

I decided last year, as part of my quest to challenge myself, come out of my comfort zone, take a risk and do something totally out of the ordinary for me. I invested in ME.

I joined the SFM programme, and you could say the rest is history. I am on a new journey in life and I am enjoying the challenge. Had I not you would not be reading this now.

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Do you have anything You want to share on gratitude?

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Thank you for your time.

Dermot Mc Donough

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