Worrier or Warrior

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Where is my life going? I often asked myself this question and had been asking myself it now for a number of years. Don’t we all ask ourselves this question at one time in our lives.

The only problem for me with this type of thinking is that It causes me a lot of anxiety, as with this thought comes the fear of uncertainty & of an uncertain future. Negative thoughts pop into my head, like; will I still have a job, will I be healthy, will my family be well, will I still be living with my family, if not where will I live, can I afford to retire, will I be able to survive on a state pension, will there still be state pensions, and on and on and on. Its enough to drive me demented.

I had been a terrible worrier from as long as I can remember, it was my conditioning, “The World is a dangerous place”. I’m not sure where it came from or who my influencers where. My parents were quite laid back and when they had concerns they dealt with them themselves.

I’m not one for trying to find out why I worried so much or had such low self esteem, I find that a waste of time and anyway & what difference will it make to my life now. Through trial and error, 14 years as a recovering alcoholic, a lot of spiritual searching & the Law Of Attraction, I have come to the personal realisation, that I can either be my own worst enemy or my own best friend. “What you put out is what you get back”.

So at the end of the day I am totally responsible for me. Blaming, justifying, feeling sorry for myself and other fear based thoughts, feelings and actions, are a total waste of time. They are coming from me and effecting just me.

Not saying that I don’t have negative thoughts or feelings, but I know where they are coming from and I’m now able to challenge them. From this “awakening”, I went from a fear based never, ever taking a risk, person to someone who is willing to give it a try.

Changing “I can’t” ,to “Why can’t I” has opened up my mind and soul to just how much I was missing out on in life because I thought it was beyond my reach.

Joining SFM has really nailed this down for me as there is a community of like minded people on a similar journey, who are willing to push the boundaries, become courageous, take a chance and be a Warrior. Watch the video for some TRUE Inspiration

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If you want to be a Warrior push the link below, and enjoy the journey.

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