When Esther feels negative emotion in response to her misplaced thought, she takes it very hard, because she knows better.

And she knows not only the ramifications which she doesn’t fear because she knows she can bring herself back into alignment any time.

But she feels a sincere disappointment in herself for not having chosen differently. 

And so Esther said to Jerry the other day in the middle of some negative emotion, I think I am going to bring Abraham in, and just let you live with Abraham.

And Jerry looked up in horror because he really enjoys the personality of Esther. In other words, he enjoys the human experience they have together.

And while what Esther meant was, I want to bring the BEST OF ME into our experience more of the time. And what Jerry would say is, I’m liking all of it.

And the contrasting Experience is what we are all about.

And so when we talk about you being an EXTENSION of source energy you come up with the question: 

At what point do you try to shed the personality that is your human personality and be the inner being that is you?

And we say, just be the physical being that is you

- Have all the fun that you can feel
- And feel as good as you can feel

And THEN there is NO separation. In other words, your personality is who you are.

You are who you are

And the personality of your inner being - is who it is.

And the personality of the group that your inner being is a part of - is who it is. And there is not as much distinction form those parts as you think.

All aspect of that which we all are

• We Love to think
• We love to focus
• We love to find a new idea
• We love to feel the energy flow
• We love to create 
• We love to take this energy that creates worlds and focus it towards our creative endeavor 
• We love to love
• We love to enjoy
• We love to savor 
• We love to relax and allow 
• We love the Law of Attraction at work 
• We love to adore others 
• We love to expand
• We love to know that ALL IS WELL

And all of those characteristics are part of every aspect of you, you see.

And so if you would have become a physical identical clone of your inner being, you would be a person that people would describe

- as deliberate 
- as jolly
- as fulfilled 
- as complementary
- as strong and short-footed and healthy 
- as prosperous 
- as glowing

The true essence of who you are


In other words, they would not say, oh his personality changed from something that was human into something that is very strange.

So the you that is you, is YOU.

THE BEST that you have ever felt, THAT’S who you and your non-physical team are, you see.

It’s an interesting thing to watch the physical beings translate "non-physical".

They put on long white robes or black ones and the become solum.

Someone send a letter to Jerry and Ester saying, I am absolutely certain that Abraham is not really happening.

That Esther is making it all up. 

And Ester liked the complement of that.

Because "Source" would not speak in so many colloquialisms. And we say Source speaks in all languages.

And the more familiar it feels, the more the passageway is open. The BEST representation of source that you will ever find in you physical format is INEXPRESSIBLE. 

It’s that feeling of love and appreciation that just wells up in you. It is so sensational that you can hardly find words for it.

That’s the true essence of who you are.

The reason we are paying with you about time is because the platform that you are focused within has so many benefits.

This sensation of time gives you the opportunity to acknowledge where you are in relationship to the energy stream.

 In other words, when you desire something that hasn’t happened yet, and you have a TIME FRAME in which you can watch the manifestations unfold, it gives you a greater sensation of motion.

It is sort of like sitting on a moving vehicle and looking at across a distance, you get one sensation.

Looking right at the road where you are you get another sensation altogether.

As you stand in your physical body and you are addressing your life experience, very intimately from where you are;

sometimes you have a much greater sensation of things moving, than as if you step BACK a little bit from a further distance.

And time really is that way. When you get intimately involved in your life experience, the feeling of time passing is a more real experience as than you step back from it.

We are encouraging that you just sort of move in and out perspective, depending upon which feels the most exciting to you.

We like you to get intimately involved, that you feel the sensation of time passing. 

Rather than thinking about time, think about how this contrast is giving birth to THOUGHT WITHIN YOU that has not been before.

And think about how that thought as you focus upon it, summons energy into this time-space reality that has not been before.

So the universe has just become more, as an expression of your thought. It is more NOW than it was a moment ago.

So if you think in terms of more and less, then you begin to really have a sense of time.

Because there are people who say, well since it is simultaneous time, can’t I go back in time. Couldn’t I experience the 18th century?

And we say, you cannot BE LESS than you NOW ARE.

You cannot achieve a vibration that it less than the vibration that you have achieved.

That is why if someone achieves an empire and then something happens where it is lost or destroyed, they still have the vibration that they have achieved.

And the empire will come back AGAIN! 

You see it all the time. Because it is a vibrational status that the universe is responding to- not a financial status.


That is the only thing that is was ever intended for. It is a function of focus.

Utilize it in a way that serves you best. Which means: Look at it in a way that feels the best to you.

As always, thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Yours, Alex

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