Your highest calling

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In other words when you tap into that stream of consciousness in the absence of resistance, and you focus it on something that matters to you-

that thrill that you feel and that power that you accomplish and the results that you see are BECAUSE of all that energy and all of that focus flowing to you and through you, you see.

Now you know it and you begin to look at it in that way.
Then when it happens you don't chalk it off to some silly coincidence. You don’t explain it away.

It’s happening so much around you that often times you just accept it as, well that’s just the way that happens.
And you don’t even start to reasons WHY that is just the way that it happens.

It takes an owl to fly into the middle of an environment where he has never been before in perfect timing- that,

sometimes such a thing makes you being aware that there is a whole lot more going on to your moment in time than you have ever been giving credit.

• A whole lot more interest
• A whole lot more intelligence
• A whole lot more love
• A whole lot more knowing
• A whole lot more accessible to you

You just gotta get on the frequency.
And the way of increasing it is by acknowledging when it’s happening.

And the way you keep it coming is by not lamenting in a moment when you don’t see it. By accepting that it is REALITY.
If you’ve been listening to us for a while, you’ve been hearing us say, you cannot separate yourself from non-physical. That we are all in this TOGETHER.

And that you are an extension of source energy. That you are not puppets on a string. You are tuned to the vibration of that which is your source.

And you are inspired to the behavior that answers your highest calling.
And the highest calling is not something you were born with.

You weren’t born having figured everything out that you were about. You’ve been carving load along your physical trail.
You’ve been saying, more of that, and I like that, and I really like that. And that’s who I am, and I want more of that.

And the source within you, which includes all of us, have been gathering the details of that what you want.
And holding ourselves in vibrational cord with it, knowing

That with a LITTLE bit of effort on your part, you can improve the vibrational frequency of your being-ness, of your point of attraction, so that you can rendezvous with the ideas and solution that you want all along, you see.

The time of awakening

This really is the time of awakening. And the time of awakening doesn’t mean that you wake up to something other than all of that.

It means you wake up to TO that and allow that to have meaning in your now.
You just have to have your own experience with non-physical.

But before you can have an experience with non-physical, you have to accept the existing of it. Do you?
You have to accept that it is VIBRATIONAL.

You have to accept that you are primarily vibrational.
And you have to practice you vibrational aspects of your being MORE than you practice the action aspects.

When you get those things in place and allow this LEVERAGE of energy to pour through you in a way that you feel the power of it around you.

You feel that you are on that magic carpet ride, where everything is just unfolding

• for your interest
• for your value
• for your benefit
• for your fun
• for your joy

You are too modest and too humble too.
You don’t know that we are all cued up for you.

That we have been
- part of your environment
- part of your process
- part of your planet
- part of your government
- part of your laws
- part of your wishes and desires and interests
- part of your planet
- part of your ecology
- part of your economy
- part of your politics
- part of your religions

We have been part of that. Infinitely interested in you going to the next joyful place, that you have the ability to go to.

But when you run around, fighting with each other instead of tapping into all that you’ve been asking for, when it’s all available to ALL OF YOU.

Or when you are using the fact that someone else is not tapping in to be the reason that you don’t.
I don’t wanna look weird.
I don’t wanna be so joyful on this day when others are moaning.
I don’t wanna be weird. I wanna fit in.
I wanna fit into the group. I wanna be part of it. I wanna be understood by the group.

And we say.
Try for a little be to be understood by source energy. Because source energy ALWAYS understands you.
Try to understand what source energy is understanding about where you stand.

And discover the infinite intelligence on endless subjects that you have access to.
No matter what the subject is. It doesn’t matter what you could wonder about- you are always understood and guided by us and through us.

Thank you for reading. Hope you had a wonderful time. Can't wait to see you on my next article.

All the best & more

Yours, Alex

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