Your Self-Awareness Journey - How Far Does Your Rabbit Hole Go?

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Knowing your fears quite frankly is not enough, well for me anyway. Take the time out to understand why it is a fear and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Trust me once you start to ask questions you will learn soooo much about yourself. Today, I share with you what to expect when you start asking questions relating to your fears (self-awareness). Brace yourself and pay attention, now… let’s get to the juice.

Knowing Your Fears

Some people are aware of their fears whilst others are unaware until they go through a situation or experience and it makes itself apparent. When you are aware of the fear, it’s like coming across a crossroad (left or right). Either you will want to avoid it as much as you can, or you will want to explore deeper. Most people don’t take the latter because it’s the fear of the unknown or even the fear alone is enough to scare you and keep you content in your comfort zone of just knowing that it’s a fear.

For those who are brave enough to take the challenge and push past their comfort zone to go deeper. Well done and coodles to you.

What to Expect?

Now, let’s not beat around the bush, you may have got pass the first hurdle but once you begin to start answering questions this is where the challenge truly lies. There’s a saying the deeper the question, the deeper the answer.

In acknowledgment your thinking might go something like this; “I am scare of…”, “I don’t like…”, you get the drift. But as soon as you begin to ask questions initially, it may start off something like this “why is that I don’t like saying no?” for example.

Reflection - As you begin to reflect you may reflect on a situation or a few when you told someone yes, but you really wanted to firmly say no but didn’t have the bulls to do so because……. Then the answer appears …’because I didn’t want them to think that I don’t care for them’ for example. Then before you know it you are reflecting on similar situations. (I’m grinning) this is what always happens to me when I challenge my fears.

Be prepared to be honest with yourself. For example, you may conclude / be aware that the reason why you have problems telling people no is because when you were a child you wanted to be liked and perceived as the ‘good one’ ‘the good child’ by your parents over your over siblings. Yes, it can be deep, but at least you are getting to the root of the issue which is basically the fear.  And you know what, its not always easy to swallow. Trust me but get off your high horse and be HONEST and accept it. So, what! Yes, this is my issue and I’m going to deal with it. Remember what I said the deeper the question the deeper the [say it] lol.

So…. How deep does your rabbit hole go? What fear do you have on the surface? What underlying issues will you come across and will you dare to be honest and set your ego aside? Hmm, I got you thinking now right – good. I have just helped you to push start your self-awareness journey.


I recently posted a video on my YouTube channel that is very much related and just yesterday I opened up a can of worms (not intentionally by the way) but I am glad I did even though I didn’t want to hear the truth I had to sit that ego aside, have a little peck talk with it so that I could begin to understand why I have a hard time saying no. Lol, those examples were very much real.

Anyhoo, good luck. Be bold and courageous.

Talk to me below, are you or have you started asking deeper questions relating to your fears or even questioned why you behave a certain way that you don’t like? How did you deal with it?

Please comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

Choannah Gordon Anderson xx

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