Your transformation from the bride of Christ to the son of God

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Once during a service I saw a being (which I felt was Holy Spirit) carry the bride of Christ across a threshold into a marriage bed chamber. You know the scene and the tradition of newlyweds where this comes from. It is the place of intimacy.

During the little vision I was having I heard a voice within me saying “This is where the sons are made”. Immediately I knew the truth of what I was seeing and hearing. At that time the best I could say was Intimacy with God would lead us to being sons. You know sometimes we take the parable and the parable like pictures and make them the gospel of truth. We say I’m the bride of Christ la lala la lala la lala…...oh I’m special and so on. Then we might say I’m a son of God, Rah! Rah! I’m powerful Rah! Rah!.

While these emotions may company the revelation, this is definitely not the meat behind whats being shared. Lets start with the bride. She is adorned, loved, cherished, pampered, supported, accepted, even held in high esteem. She is made to feel as she is the most important thing in the world, cause she is. Any kind of rejection is removed, she is restored and made whole in who she is. Her function is that she is the bride of Christ, a womb in who the Christ seed is sown.

The son of God was sown into our inner womb, it is the Christ child, the offspring of God. The bride is to bring the child to full term and give birth to the son.

Now, this mystery is happening within us as we mature in spiritual things and as we allow the son to mature fully.

Let me explain more clearly the difference. The common response to the Gospel is to pray for God to save you out of your troubles as a damsel in distress. Continuing in this attitude has left many believers feeling that if God don’t help them, then they will be left in their desperation. If its not Gods will, then we’re screwed.

God has done us one better than this. He has birthed us as sons.

Brides have no seed, they are left at the mercy of a savior helping them daily.

Sons have seed. Their crop comes from their own loins.

Ways to tell that the understanding of a son of God has not matured in you yet. These are proof you don’t believe you have seed of your own.

  • You feel as a victim of your circumstances.
  • You don’t believe that you are the righteousness of God.
  • You are still a sinner trying to get by.
  • You need an external savior to help you do right.
  • You don’t trust yourself.
  • You feel barren, not carrying anything useful
  • You don’t believe that your dreams can come true.
  • You believe the world or God owes you for being good or putting up with so much from others. Indebtedness feelings towards others is not the seed of sons of God. Indebtedness is manipulation which is stealing because you don’t believe you can produce it on your own.

Oh there are so many more hints that we feel we are without productive or reproductive seed. Understand that being born from above may have only started when you walked an aisle or had a spiritual experience.

If you don’t take responsibility for your life results then you are denying your sonship.

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