Escape of the ME TOO!

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This story is about me escaping the ME TOO!

This is still a hot topic and this true story might help fathers and mothers having an overview of a 22-year old one who went alone to Marrakech in Maroc.

I just had worked for a couple of years coming out of school. I am a bright and intelligent woman and I wanted to make something out of my life and still do. So one day I opened the newspaper and saw that this man needed somebody for his new hotel to get involved with decorating the rooms and decide for colors and furniture etc.

I phoned him up. I had an appointment and I was Hired. Yippe Ajee. My mum and dad did not want to let me go but I was going on and on about it and in the end, they let me go after lying about things here and there. Youngsters can do that! This was going to be life-changing right? So I thought, but boy was I wrong. We came in Maroc together alone on the plane. You could still smoke in that plane. Weird now but true then.


He had a beautiful house and he gave me a room and the next day we went to this new hotel which looked not even near to be finished anytime soon. There were a building site and a structure but that was about it. He said that it will come all good and I did not have to worry about it because this trip was only for an introduction.

The next day I explored Marrakech and made a friend. She slept in the house sometimes and was a bit his mistress so to say. Well, I heard that later! For me this was strange but the girl was a very nice girl. One day we went to her house and it was so poor there. 4 concrete walls and that was it. A little bit bigger than my bathroom. I felt awful to see this and was humble about what I had home in the Netherlands. I supported the women her mother with a bit of money and because of insisting she took it. That felt so good to me I never forget her face.


Anyway, my new Boss had planned a trip to the mountains The Atlas mountains are close by and he had a second house there and Ali the cook would welcome us and it would be all sound. I left my stuff and only took a few things for 2 days there. When the evening fell he was dragging on this waterpipe and offered me a suck. No thanks.

He said that he liked me very much and I told him that I had a boyfriend in the Netherlands but he kept going on and on. I started to feel intimidated because where was this heading. In order to shut him up, I told him I feel sick and I need a bit of rest. I was not ill at all but just to protect me as a sort of insurance him not coming on to me.

When it got later he went to bed and he said to come and sleep next to him because there was a heater close to his bed. This was the only heater in that house. The house was beautiful on the mountain but very basic. He started to be more angry about me refusing all the time and that was bloody it. I felt this will end up badly! I need to go out of here. I was so so scared and trembling and shaking. This was my movie my nightmare. Girl dead in Maroc after raping and threw off the cliff in the Atlas mountains. I thought about those things. U can not imagine how I felt inside or maybe you do.


So I told him I am going to smoke a cigarette now and went off to outside. A bit of a stone platform, a bit scruffy and surrounded by bush trees. I thought this is my chance I need to get out of here right now and So I did. I followed the narrow steep steps, which was about 20 meters down the road and kept looking behind my back if he was not following me on the road. It was Pitch dark. I am a girl from Europe on her own and never been in the mountains. All the trees looked scary and their image. There are no lanterns there you know. I was still in my socks and in shorts for crying out loud because of me not thinking straight and this was a last-minute escape plan. I walked and walked for a half hour and suddenly I heard. BBBRR...grrrr...a care engine.

Ready for PART TWO of ESCAPE THE ME TOO What Happened?

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