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It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced marketer, we can all agree traffic is an essential component for success online. No matter how good your content is if it’s not getting seen it is useless. Of course things can get a little more specific by making sure your content is being seeing by the 'right people'… For example, for me, it would be you, a good looking online marketer 😉

If you have read any of my blogs before, you must know I hate BS. So, I am going to keep this real… 

A couple of months back I was having some issues getting traffic to my blogs, links, and social media. The good thing about a problem is that it brings about the need of a solution. After a good couple of weeks of research, I found what seem like the best option at the time (and it is still good!). I came across a website called http://www.10dollarsoloads.com/ . That’s right, 10-dollar solo ads… If you know anything about marketing, if it sounds too good to be true, stay the hell away from it! However, most people in forums said they have never tested it out as again ‘it seemed too good to be true’ (by the way this is always a great way to find out if things are legit online, ask in an online marketing forum, you are not the only one with the same question or problem!) I didn’t really listen to many people so I decide to buy the 10-dollar solo ad…

Before we start talking about my results and the overall review of the 10-dollar solo ads. I just want to highlight that if you do more in depth research about this service, you can’t really find anything negative… no bad reviews, no one calling it a ‘scam’; in fact, they have a good number of reviews online but you just must really look for them. At this point I am feeling a little more confident on my decision, so I go through the whole process of submitting my solo ad, and I must say after writing my Ad and adding the ‘link’ I wanted advertised, I was a little surprised that it let you choose 3 niches to make sure the audience that gets the solo ad is relevant. Let me remind you 10 dollars. I thought it was going to be some super untargeted solo ad. Anyways I submit my solo ad and then they offer me a ‘free’ Ad copywriting trial for joining, again peple 10 dollars! I didn’t need it so I said no but if you are new and your skills are still developing, they have some writers for you.

Now to the interesting part, I have no idea where the traffic came from but it came… My 10-dollar solo ad had over 60 clicks and 20% conversion rate… Let’s be honest is not AMAZING but for 10 dollars it is quite good! Now if you are wondering whether the leads are real, I don’t know if they all are but I do know that a good amount did open my emails as a couple sent a couple of questions after receiving my welcome Email to my email list. When it comes to the question everyone is asking right now ‘Did you make any sales?’ No I did not, not yet anyways, but if we are talking of traffic this is a good way for you to start building some momentum even if you have a tight budget.  I still use it but to test run my ads before putting them out there but if you are struggling with traffic you should check this out NOW!  

To conclude I am still surprised no one has heard of this cool little solo ad service, and for its price the quality of the service is outstanding. Some may say this is ‘The Best Budget Solo Ads Online’, think about it you lose 10 bucks and can get somewhat targeted traffic and leads that could potentially lead to sales. All I am saying is check it out but be aware that you are probably not going to get the best quality leads etc. But it is a good service to get some traffic to your ads and getting more comfortable around solo ads if you are planning in investing in more expensive ones in the future.

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