Part 2 - *Attention Skeptics* (Like me!) Home based internet biz is legit. Here's why.

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How else can one make money on the Internet?

Ok, so yeah, my skepticism has dwindled a bit with selling physical products online through Amazon FBA.  However, I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. But as far as I'm concerned, the ship has already sailed on all the other ways to make money online - the markets are all WAY too saturated (remember, I've been doing e-commerce for 2 months now, I'm an expert). So what about stuff like:

  • Sourcing from China and Drop Shipping on a Shopify storefront?
  • Making your own artistic creations and selling them on Etsy
  • Affiliate Marketing with Click Bank?
  • Google Adwords, PPC (Pay Per Click) on your own personal Wordpress Blog?
  • Making logos and Facebook banners for people on Fiverr?
  • The multi-billion dollar Sharing Economy?
  • Gig Arbitrage like Task Rabbit?
  • Social Media Marketing Agencies?

Well, I spent a few months trying to find out.

Shiny Object Syndrome!

So first off, I have a raging case of ADD which is not condusive to someone who's trying to find the single best method for making a full time income online. There's so many bright, colorful, pretty, 100% money back guaranteed (in some cases 115%, no joke), fully automated, money making systems out there! It makes someone like me feel like I'm on a binging caffeine induced frenzy trying to keep up with everything. I mean, I consumed multiple 3 hour webinars on a daily basis for like a month straight and towards the end of every one I was like, "This is it!  That will totally work!  This guy's a genius! Wait, did he just go full on car salesman on me?"

Don't get me wrong, some of these guys were GREAT salesman. I'd have to say Anik Singal over at was probably the best, I mean he was good. And I'm not saying that if I didn't have the money for his program or one of the others I liked that I wouldn't be doing one of those programs today. Truth is, there's a lot of hype but there's also some really solid, proven systems.


What AM I saying then?

Here's the deal. We're extremely tight financially. Single family income, wife, two kids, super expensive cost of living and inflation (Seattle is the new Silicon Valley, seriously) and it's all we can do to put food on the table and pay our bills sometimes. So as great as just about all these internet money making systems sounded, as soon as I heard the sales pitch one of two things happened:

  1. If they were great salesman, had a solid product and I was totally excited about taking another step of faith out of my full time internet income skepticism, it was too much up front capital for me to join or worse...
  2. Total sleezy sales pitch and my Spidey Sense Scam Siren began blaring and I was completely turned off regardless of the system's potential.

The bottom line is, if there's even a hint of inauthenticity, my entire thought pattern shifts and everything I hear going forward sounds like a pitch for an Multi Level Marketing scheme that will make them richer and me, already struggling, that much worse off.

Get to the point or I'm going to jump off my balcony!

The point is, doing the research really opened my eyes to a lot of things that I was completely unaware of with regard to making a living at home on the internet. I learned a TON and mostly what I learned is that I have a lot to learn. The craziest part is that my skepticism wall eroded further and further the more research I did. Whether I like or not, the world's economy is moving to the internet. To think that all markets are overly saturated or it's too hard to find a good niche when you're talking about literally billions of people is naive.

  • My key take away from my research was a fundamental principle which involved connecting people with specific needs to people who can meet those needs. The mutually beneficial transactions that take place when you connect those two people is where the money is. The trick is finding out how to profit off of making that introduction - i.e. Affiliate Marketing.

In summary, the research paid off. I had finally figured out what direction I wanted to go next on my journey - the problem was, everything that came along fell into one of the two categories listed above. The truth of the matter for me was this: I did my homework and found out there are actually quite a few legit business systems out there that can teach people like me how to not only make a full time income and quit my job, but to actually thrive financially so I can be at home with my family focusing on what's most important and doing the things I'm passionate about.  

Next Up - Part 3

In the last part of this short series on home based internet business skepticism, I'm going talk about how I got started with the project I'm calling Digital Family Economy and the digital education platform I finally decided on after all my research and why I chose it. 

Have you tried any of the stuff mentioned in this post? What kinds of e-commerce platforms have you used? Who are your favorite affiliate marketing gurus? Leave a comment below, let's start a discussion!



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