The Blessed Life of Abundance

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Today, I feel so blessed and refreshed.  I would like to share with you how I have gotten to that state. 

It's not really about the amount of material possessions or latest gadgets etc that I feel that way. Rather, for me it has been more about a conscious realisation of how blessed I am, just by spending more time with my family by waking up late having lie ins, making my daughter breakfast, taking my family for dinner, taking kids to the park etc.

It's easier to love and appreciate those who are closest to you. The more you are just there for them, spending time with them and be a blessing towards them, the more you unlock the life of abundance.Click here for Abundance

They say "charity begins at home" and it doesn't end there. I am saying this because I am in the lifestyle industry. I have chosen an Internet Business which allows me the flexibility and freedom to spend quality time and moments with my loved ones. These are the closest and precious people to me. When they are happy, I am happy and everything flows from that standpoint. That means while I am counting my blessings, I become more thankful and with that, I realise more blessings. That's my happy cycle which will continue, to the extent where it extends to the whole wider world. Blessed to be a blessing. That's influence,that's abundant living!

This blog is inspired by my recent outing with my family, when my daughter thanked me for the quality time we were having. Just spending quality time together.

It really moved me and it made me  reflect on the times I previously missed important events/activities for my family because I was tied to a paid 9-5 job.

Friends, today look inward and just look around you i.e your loved ones, your environment, the things and people which/who make you happy and decide that you will do whatever it takes to invest your time on them. I can assure you that this is a decision you will never regret. 

Invest in relationships by investing in yourself. Do you know it's very easy to get this life of freedom?

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