The Power of Purpose: Do you have strong sense of purpose and direction of your life? Learn why!


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Explore The New Digital Business Opportunities Which You've Never Seen Them Before!

We are now at a time of rapid growth and exciting new global initiatives, seeing the growth and opportunities with the expansion of the global digital economy.  I am looking forward to seeing more people like me to benefit in this digital business environment, explore the new opportunities which you've never seen them before!

Since 2016, I have joined The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) to achieve my career passion in the digital business environment.

Why do I choose SFM?

Because of the leaders, the community, their missions and visions...


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Do you have strong sense of purpose and direction of your life?

If you have a strong sense of purpose and direction of your life, then you may have a higher chance of living a satisfying and successful life.  In fact, without purpose and persistence in what we do, we are unlikely to be successful in anything.

A sense of purpose has positive impacts on our mental and physical well-being.  It raises our determination and endurance to overcome obstacles and hardship, enables us to stay a stronger focus to move goals forward.  When you have definite purpose and strong desire to achieve it, you will succeed. This is my personal experience too.

"He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how."

– Friedrich Nietzsche –

Many entrepreneurs understand this simple principle, discovered their life purpose and turned it into their businesses. In the old days, the cost and complexity of building a business were high, many people would not want to risk their jobs for a business venture - the opportunity cost was too high to fulfil their passion and life purpose.  But today, we can utilize digital system platforms to build a business easily at a very low cost, even university students are so involved in their digital businesses. So what is stopping you to leverage digital system platforms, and realize your passion and sense of purpose?

Are you living a life gives you a strong sense of purpose?

If your answer is ‘no”, and want to live a life with strong sense of purpose, you may consider of taking some small steps to allow it happens and grows.  “What got you here won’t get you there!” – Dr Goldsmith Marshall.  Discovering your sense of purpose and value lays the foundation for a successful life. When you know your life purpose, your life will attract resources which are in line with your definite purpose.  The power of digital system and network platforms create limitless opportunities for individuals, the digital infrastructures have already helped many people to build digital entrepreneurship without quitting their jobs. And you can do the same! 

Learning digital skill and business system is the first step to create a digital business with your true passion and mission!  Digital systems truly helped me to realize my dream life and sense of purpose.  Digital system platforms can help you too!  To learn more about the digital skill and system platforms, please click the below button, sign up our 7 day free video series, my mentors Jay and Stuart, also the co-founders of “The Six Figure Mentors” (SFM) will explain more in the videos. 

Explore The Digital Business Opportunities Which You've Never Seen Them Before!


Since joining SFM in 2016, I have had many opportunities to develop my skill sets and knowledge in digital entrepreneurship. SFM has enabled me to greatly boost my career in this digital business environment.  At SFM, there are no limitations for growth and I have always been encouraged to stretch myself, improve my knowledge and develop new skills.  No day is ever the same and, for me, it is the people diversity, the entrepreneurial mindsets and visions, as well as the learning and development experience which make me feel very enjoyable to be with my mentors and our community.

SFM presents an opportunity to grow on both a personal and professional level. This is an international, multicultural environment where we are able to innovate and find different ways to perform our roles and activities in order to achieve sustainable growth in the digital evolution economy. The experience of collaborating within the community members has been exciting, not only because of digital business opportunities which we are involved in, but also due to the learning and development process where the support and trust are important for building stronger relations with other members and with the clients we represent around the world.

I always encourage students to pursue a CPA qualification as part of the career milestones, experience as much as they can, until then they can develop their strength and discover their unlimited potentials for achieving something bigger.

If you feel connected to me, send me a message today! I am happy to schedule a free 1-on-1 consultation with you.  Contact me:  to arrange an online call with me.


Why do I choose SFM?

Because of the leaders, the community, their missions and visions...


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