Active Stem - My 90 Day Trail - Week 7

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I have been consuming Active Stem every day as part of the Active Stem 90 Day Trial for 7 weeks now so time for my weekly update.

Last week I mentioned I had been experiencing some excessive bloating. All is good in that department now and I know it had nothing to do with Active Stem.

Here's my video. Feel free to check it out. The only noticeable difference is that my hair is shorter - that's thanks to my hairdresser, not Active Stem (lol).

You are most welcome to check out my previous weekly reports and Active Stem Introduction using the links below.

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As I mentioned on my video, it's probably not worth updating you again unless I notice something significant from taking Active Stem. If not, I will definitely provide you with a final update once I reach Day 90.

Cheers to Prevention (even if you're not sure you're doing it)

Yours in Keeping Functional and Natural,

Donna Dekker.

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