Silvana Samos

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Hey my name is Silvana. An Argentinian living in Aberdeen, Scotland. Yes, i know... why here? It is a long story or many stories I guess. I will sum up: I moved to Spain in 2011 with my husband also Argentinian searching for a new life and adventure. In 2013 we decided to come to Aberdeen. After some months we thought that this would be a great place to settle down and that is what we have done.
Felipe arrives in 2016 to turn on the light of our lives and here we are... trying to enjoy with him as much as we can.
I love travelling and reading, my two favourite hobbies, I also enjoy meditation and yoga. I am a believer that the structure of capitalism is not the best for this humanity and we must do something soon to work in a different way. I am a defender of the NET and strongly believe we can survive working in a Net. There si so much to talk about this that I can't explain in a paragraph but if you are interested, keep an eye on my blogs and comment or drop me a line so we stay connected.

I love the Digital Life since I started. Such a wide range of amazing tools I would have never imagined that they existed.