Dr Simon J. Parkes FHEA

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Mentor, tutor, author, veteran.

As an active supporter of military veterans, I work with a number of organisations to alleviate some of the problems faced by men and women who have left the armed services of their nation.

I am trained as a mentor for Wounded, Injured and Sick military personnel transitioning to civilian life, and reach out to fellow veterans (of all ages) locally and globally on a daily basis.

I’ve been a soldier, an academic researcher, lecturer and English tutor, as well as a few other things besides. I’ve had good jobs, really good jobs and some bloody awful jobs. Now I manage my own time, creative output and freedom, connecting with like-minded individuals online to support growth and development.

I mainly work with veterans, but my mission is to inspire as many people as I can to inspire others, free themselves from traditional employment and create the life they want.

When I’m not masterminding with go-getting clients, playing with the dog, chilling on the beach or down at the pub, I write thrillers.

I also blog about my passions: writing, travel, lifestyle choices, self-development, leadership, military veterans’ issues, education and mentoring.

Feel free to join the conversation – you’ll be very welcome. People’s lifestyle choices and journeys to freedom from the Rat Race fascinate me, so please share your take on this if you read a post that resonates with you.

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