Pedro Gracia

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Would you like to live to 100? Feel energised, happy and fullfilled? Sounds too good to be true!
Hi I am Pedro, 54 years old and happily married for the past 28 years with 2 amazing grown up children. As I plan to live to 100 I feel full of life, energy and dreams.
My daily mission is to better myself in all aspects of life, and I want to invite you to share this journey with me.
Up to now, I have been involved in taking people underwater, travelling, boating and selling the underwater dream for more than 30 years. In parallel to that, I became an NLP Practitioner and am becoming more and more involved in helping others to think and make better decisions.

During my journey I want many things. To become a better person, a better father and grandfather, a better husband, to spend precious moments with loved ones and ultimately be able to give some of my time and knowledge to under privileged children.

How do you want to live your next 50 years?