Susan and Sam Gullion

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Susan been involved with digital marketing since 2009 and currently works as Director of Search Engine Marketing for a medical marketing agency. She is very successful in getting her clients' websites to rank high in Google search for their local area substantially increasing traffic and conversions to their websites. Susan also applies her extensive experience in SEO and PPC to small and mid-size businesses who are seeking to make their presence known online in their local area.

Quite the opposite of Susan, Sam, her husband, has spent 28 years in the transportation industry working in the field, training and managing. One of Sam's passions is motorcycling, so he decided come off the road and try his hand at working in motorsport sales. He has had great success selling motorcycles and is a 100% fan of Indian motorcycles. Although, Sam has been a reluctant adopter of today’s Internet technology, he has finally come to realize that it would be a dreadful mistake to ignore its incredible potential.

Marketing through the Internet gives us substantial financial rewards, time freedom, and the ability to live and work wherever we choose. This video represents how we feel and why we are taking our Internet journey one moment at a time to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Working to Live or Living to Work?