Timo Saari

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My journey started in Finland 1979

Im grateful that I have allowed to try many different sports. Ice hockey, football, Judo, Skiing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Mountain biking, Baseball, Thai-boxing, Kung-fu... and all kind of things.

I am working my way towards freedom in every areas. I like freedom and flexibility. Being an entrepreneur is not a rocket science.

I am highly sensitive person and I discovered this some time ago. I also have ADD which means that I have troubles to concentrate sometimes. Im introverted person and type INFJ = 1% of population... hmm.. I might be very special! :)

I like to think that everything happens for a reason...just need to be patient and one day you will understand whats all about.
I have suffered things that would get many peoples down...and those got me down as well but IM STILL HERE! and about to be for a long time!

NONE of these things cant usually see from me because I do smile a lot and lifes GOOD after I have faced these things and discovered that in this planet earth is something different than "9-5" jobs. Freedom & Flexibility is way better than things you dont want to do...