“I am a doctor” No you are a marketer, yes you.

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The Loves of my life went to a quaint picturesque tourist town called Bathurst in the Eastern Cape. Unfortunately yours truly could not accompany them on this most eventful trip. Not because Bathurst is very eventful, but what transpired after their arrival was very eventful. The phrase “There is no thirst like Bathurst”was not explained to unsuspecting tourists on the website nor that you should not get thirsty whilst in Bathurst. Should the 40 degrees heat overcome you and you do get thirsty it is safer to drink your own water even if it comes from your car’s radiator. 


The consultation...

Upon entering the doctor’s room I told him that this is a two for one consultation as both my wife and daughter had exactly the same diagnoses. I immediately saw the $ in his overworked red stained eyes. There and then I knew that we were going to pay dearly for this 10 minute or so consultation.

During the consultation I asked all the necessary questions. I expanded on my loves’ life history, I even made jokes which nearly put a smile on his weary face, all in order to get some insight as to what is transpiring in that head of his. The knowing smile on the doctor’s face after I told him about this amazing road-trip to Bathurst made the diagnoses very simple. The doctor’s by-the-way remark that you can pick up a bug in Bathurst’ water which scientist are still wondering what to name , said it all. While writing this it occurred to me that he never asked them whether they have been on any trip. I am very thankful that I missed the trip which at the time was extremely disappointing to me.

My disappointment was huge as he scribbled something on a script pad which looked alot like something my one and a half year-old granddaughter had drawn. To my amazement I realised that at the pharmacy they all studied Van Gogh because they knew what he had drawn. It took them half an hour to get the script together from his black and white picture and I did not belief their out-of-stock excuses. The student pharmacist left with the doctor’s drawing and disappeared for 20 minutes. We all know what transpired in that 20 minutes. He consulted with his senior who was not only an expert on Van Gogh but also an expert on Picasso. The only difference between the doctor’s script and Picasso was that Picasso’s work was more colourful and more “understanding”.

My Love and I discussed this trip to the doctor only after the bug was somehow magically killed by the medicine, because I was weary of bringing the visit to the doctor up in her sick-state of being which could have spiralled her into a catastrophic state of shock.

The doctor did not know he was a marketer

The doctor clearly did not know that he was a marketer and that we all are. In that sickly yellow painted consultation room he was actually busy marketing his practice and himself. I came to the conclusion that doctors should never complain about their income, (and most do) because they have the perfect opportunity with their patients right in front of them in a state believing anything he would say just to feel better. Doctors, I implore you, please acquire some marketing background and skill for you to fully realise the potential you have to thrive in your practice. You don’t even have to leave the antiseptic smell of your consulting room. You can do-it online, it could do wonders for your practice.

May I suggest that everyone reading this article get some marketing skill because you are either marketing something without knowing it or you are being marketed. It is not a bad thing, because all that marketers wants to achieve is to bring exceptional value to the most important being in their business and that is you the customer.

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The picturesque town Bathurst

Make South Africa your next holiday destination and specifically remember to visit Bathurst in the Eastern Cape.




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