12 Reasons To Play More

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Play is the vital connection between you and the world!

When we see the world as a playground we expect it be fun, friendly and safe. Ambiguity and uncertainty are replaced with curiosity and excitement, stimulating the need for adventure and exploration. Strangers, landscapes and the natural environment are seen as potential playmates and life as a playful adventure. 


Health & Long Term Happiness

For some reason in adulthood we stop appreciating the importance of play....
There is a direct path to happiness by experiencing flow through play and playfulness at any stage of life. 
Playful behaviour develops neuronal pathways in our brain similar to that of that of a child 

-  “Young mind, young body”


The Advnenturers High

Play and playfulness in adults is an integral part of, and facilitator to the experience of flow. 
This state of flow is attained and maintained through a dynamic balance of; challenge and the ability to overcome the challenge. 
Flow represents the individual’s perception of the moment as playful as well as the ability to transform challenges and hardships into motivation.  


Self Control & Self Belief

Self belief & selfcontrol are vital, and often critical, 

believing you are able to climb that mountain, 

or surf that wave makes all the difference. 

This builds into a general self confidence, and sense of safety in the world - 

linking into the ability to be more playful with the world. 


Yin & Yang of Emotions

Overall enjoyment seen within the challenges and thrills of playful adventure activities is 

accomplished through the balancing of positive and negative emotions, 

and reversals through these different psychological states. 


Balancing The Emotions Of Adventure

Play has this ability to motivate learners to seek out challenges, instilling lifelong curiosity 

and cultivating a pleasure in lifelong learning. Surfing is synonymous with a steep learning curve, 

and requires this playful frame of mind togain the patience and the tolerance needed 

to master this sport. 


Jump Out Of A Plane?

Within play, fear is evoked without being fully experienced. 

Instead it is met with secondary emotions such as strategy, courage and resilience, imagination, sociability and charisma. 

Adventure activities also provide the primary emotion of fear 

and thereby the opportunity to express and practice mastery over fear, by eliciting courage, 

strategies and skills.


Get Comfortable with Uncomfortable

A personality trait and a frame of mind that is not only a genetic predisposition, 

though something that through the involvement of highly challenging activities and play 

may be strengthened and enhanced. By putting yourself in fearful and uncomfortable situations 

you are able to train and strengthen this, 

adventure sports are ideal!


Be Ready For Anything

If the frame of mind is right, you will see that life IS a playground,

full of adventures, challenges, risks and made up of unknowns.

Adequate preparation and ‘training’  is the game changer.

This makes up the difference of whether life will excite you or frighten you.

This ‘training’ would be translated into the animal kingdom as play, and is vital to survive, thrive and strive.  


The Role Of Consciousness

When in a state of flow and/or deep play, there is no concern for the self, 

instead you become one with the activity. 

This allows for the you to become instinctive, intuitive and natural.

This absence of pre-occupation with the self, is a state of freedom & universal connection. 


Your Body Is Present, But Is Your Mind?

Playful adventure activities provide the perfect setting for mental training. 

First you have to make the decision, to seek out and accept the challenge 

& make it the goal. 

Then you must get past the excuses, fears anxieties and feelings of wanting to quit. 

The activity is as much physical as it is mental. 

The body can always do more, the magic lies in getting the mind to allow it.


There Is Always More In You

Playful adventures provide the opportunity to simply become what you already are.

We are already what we seek. 

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