4 Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know

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Ever since Rich and I decided to create LivinRich Lifestyles, I have found myself on more planes in a year and a half than I had my entire life before. Rich was always an avid traveler both personally and professionally though I, on the other hand, had never had the opportunity to travel extensively outside New England until I found the opportunity to start LivinRich Lifestyles, something I am incredibly grateful for. I attached a banner below where you can sign up to receive information about how to start your own online business if that is something you're interested in. Creating my own online business has supplied me with a level of freedom I never thought possible. I now can travel without the constraints of a traditional job where you only have for example two weeks off a year. I create my own work schedule, and because my work is online, I can work from anywhere that has internet access.

But without further ado, here are the 4 travel hacks everyone should know, that I started using once I began traveling more.

1. Make your ticket and itinerary information the lock screen on your phone...

So many times I have found myself at the front of a line in the airport shuffling through my inbox trying to find the email with my ticket information on it to show to the clerk at the counter or Rich, and I are running through an unfamiliar airport during an extremely short layover and neither of us can remember what gate we are supposed to be going to and so we have to stop and find the email again... There is no need for any of this. Screenshot the information and set it on your lock screen for easy access and easy reference. If you're traveling out of the country, you may not have as much online and on network access of your phone, so save the screenshot into the iBooks feature of your iPhone for easy offline, out of network access to the information. 

2. Take a picture of where you parked your car...

Rich and I had just taken a red-eye flight home from Phoenix to Boston. We had only been gone for the weekend, but it had been a crazy busy one where we attended a summit conference for online business owners through the SFM (again, if you're interested in that the banner is below). If you have ever flown into Boston's Logan International Airport, you know first hand how confusing and stressful that place is... For what its worth, it's not any easier to navigate for us locals either. 

So there we were, on little to no sleep all weekend... trying to figure out where we parked. After what felt like an eternity of wandering we made it to what we were sure was our lot. But this is where it gets terrific. Rich was convinced we had parked on one particular side of the lot, I was so tired and confused I didn't feel confident about any of it. We wandered around together for a while with no luck. We then decided to split up and of course, as soon as we split up guess who finds the car... me. I pull out my phone to call Rich, straight to voicemail. I open the carry on I had with me hoping the keys were in it, of course, they weren't they were in the other bag that Rich had. At this point I accepted my fate, knowing I had no way of contacting Rich (I know great planning before we decided to split up) and climbed on to the trunk of the car where I sat and waited for nearly a half hour. Just when I was about to start circling again in an attempt to find him, around the corner of the row was a security truck with my husband pressed up against the window looking for the car. This whole ordeal could have been avoided by taking a picture of where we parked for reference, so there is no confusion when your post-vacation brain is convinced you parked somewhere and you most certainly parked anywhere else... Please don't be as dumb as we were that day.  

3. Always go through the left side of a security line...

When going through a multi-lane security line choose the line furthest to the left. Statistics show that far fewer people in the world are left-handed or left-sided dominant therefore not as many people naturally go to the left. So when it comes to lines, people are less likely to get in line on the left. Fewer people means less waiting time and less waiting time means the sooner you can get to the bar preflight and we all know how important that. Rich and I have a preflight tradition of going to the Legal Seafood at Logan Airport before we go somewhere and ordering a bottle of chardonnay... That's totally irrelevant to choosing the left lane, but hey, it's what we do.  

4. This one is for all you petite people out there... Bring a Backpack as your carry on...

Because you have likely never met me in person its important for this hack to tell you that I am 5'1"... well, I'm 5' 3/4" but 5'1" just sounds a little better in my opinion. So as you can imagine my legs are extremely short and most of the time in public seating situations my feet don't touch the ground unless I am sitting on the edge of my seat. If you're petite like me, you know first hand how uncomfortable this can be when you're sitting down for an extensive period of time with your legs just dangling, and that feeling sets in... That horrible unmistakable feeling when your legs start to go numb because your weight isn't being distributed between your butt and the ground, its all on your seat. I spent far too many flights adjusting and readjusting trying to ease the leg dangling numbness until my flight to Las Vegas a few months back. Just by chance, I decided to bring a backpack as my carry on rather than my typical carry on sized suitcase that I would have stored above my head. The backpack I had with me I stored under the seat in front of me, and once we were in flight I was able to pull it out and use it as a stool... And let me tell you that was extremely helpful in creating the necessary leverage I needed to be as comfortable as possible on a plane.

There you have it, folks, some things I have learned that have made my travels a little easier! Comment down below some of the hacks you use when you travel and places you have visited! 

'Til next time friends,

xoxo Liv

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