Did You Know Western Australia Celebrates The Queen's Birthday on September 30, 2019?

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When I arrived in Perth, it always puzzled me why Western Australia celebrates the Queen's birthday in September every year. But then again, we enjoy taking a day off to celebrate anything at any time.  

For many, it is a chance to do something with their family and friends.

But before I tell you why Western Australia celebrates the Queen's Birthday in September, I would like to share the history of it.

History of Australia

As you probably already know, The British colony of New South Wales was established with the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 vessels under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip in January 1788. That was the first year that the Monarch’s birthday was celebrated in the new country.

Back home in England, the man on the throne at that time was King George III. His birthday was on June 4th. George III is Queen Elizabeth II’s great, great, great, great grandfather.

There have been multiple monarchs since him, and the celebration was in synch with their respective birthdays right up until the 1930s.

In Britain, the monarch’s birthday has been celebrated since 1748 and, in Australia, every year since the First Fleet arrived in 1788.

The birthday was always celebrated on the actual date of the monarch’s birthday until 1936, the year of the death of King George V, Elizabeth’s grandfather. His birthday was 3 June, and the date has since stayed around early June.

Queen Elizabeth II is the constitutional monarchy of 16 sovereign states and the Supreme Governor of the Church of England. She was born on 21 April 1926 but her birthday is celebrated on a separate date.

She has been Queen since 1952 and is now the longest-reigning British monarch in history, the second-longest being Queen Victoria who reigned for 63 years.


Queen's Birthday in Australia

The Queen's Birthday is an Australian public holiday, but the date varies across states and territories. 

Australia celebrates this holiday because it is a constitutional monarchy, with the English monarch as head of state.

The Queen’s Birthday long weekend is also the official start of the snow season in the high country regions of New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Tasmania, and is now the second weekend of that month, and it marks the start of the Australian ski season.

Western Australia Day (formerly known as Foundation Day) is a public holiday in Western Australia, celebrated on the first Monday in June each year to commemorate the founding of the Swan River Colony in 1829.

Because of the celebration of Western Australia Day, WA does not celebrate the Queen's Birthday Holiday in June, as do the other Australian states; it is held in late September or early October instead. 

In Queensland, this holiday is observed on the first Monday in October since 2016.

In South Australia, the Queen's Birthday holiday is also called Volunteer's Day.

Which Other Countries Celebrate the Queen's Birthday? 

New Zeland also celebrates The Queen's birthday where they take two days off from work.

Gibraltar and 13 of the 50 other countries in the Commonwealth celebrate it although on different dates. 

How Do Australians Celebrate?

On this day, businesses will generally be closed. Shops may open but observe restricted trading hours. Transport may operate on a Saturday or reduced timetable.

Families and friends get together for a picnic or family reunion or attend sports activities, festivals, botanical tours, free school activities, Perth Royal Show, and so on.

I live in Perth, Western Australia, and as our Spring has just started, many people are having a relaxing and sunny day in one of our beautiful beaches. 

Restaurants are full, and everyone is having a fun day, and for the next couple of weeks, kids will be enjoying their school holidays.

I hope you enjoyed this short article on how, Perth, one of the most isolated major cities of the world, celebrates this occasion. 

Please share your comments or stories about the exciting and educational aspects of your country in the comments below.

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