TECHNOLOGY Change Is Coming


In the fall of 2017, when we were preparing to go to Florida for the winter months, the discussions began. Our Canadian dollar was valued at approximately 75 cents U.S.

Many of our associates and friends were not planning to go down south, as was their custom, because of their financial circumstances.

Many retirees are on fixed incomes and prices continue to go up for accommodations and food. The dollar difference is great, our Canadian dollar certainly won't buy as much as it used to when traveling to the sunshine countries who use the U.S. currency.

Its really sad to see people unable to enjoy life and do the things they had been accustomed to doing.

Some of our friends sold their homes in the U.S. for U.S. dollars to bring the $$ home to Canada to benefit with the difference on the dollar. Monthly costs for keeping a very modest home in the U.S. can cost about $1,000.00 U.S. dollars.

Money is far from being the most important thing in life but when you don't have any it can become#1.

Many seniors are cutting back on their lifestyle while others are looking for ways of making more money.

Often health goes on the fritz when things are out of order. Heart attacks, strokes, breathing disorders and cancer affect so many people.

When delving into many of these circumstances, the lack of money appears to bring on a lot of problems.

There are many ways of increasing our incomes. We have found one that works well.

You CAN CHANGE your Income and your life.