When We Reach That Point

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It’s incredible the things we are willing to sacrifice to stay within our comfort zone, we are willing to sacrifice life itself for that, but only for so long, until we reach that point.

Stepping out of the Darkness

I was not consciously looking to change, however, when I did, I found I had been subconsciously searching for something. Nothing in particular, but there was a sincere yearning to progress myself as an individual in life. I realise that now.

Things come to us in life at the right time, when we are ready, it’s inexplicable, I am a firm believer of that. I had let anxiety and procrastination hold me back from doing things that I wanted to do and living the kind of life I wanted to live for my entire life up until very recently. We all have this limit, this point we get to in our lives, where we just know in order to get what we want we cannot continue doing things the same way as we had been doing them until now.

How long must this go on before realising that man, there has to be more to life, I want more from my life. It’s incredible the things we are willing to sacrifice to stay within our comfort zone, we are willing to sacrifice life itself for that, but only for so long, until we reach that point.

The Rising Sun - Inspiration and Energy


I recently joined the Six Figure Mentor Community, something I would usually have sceptically banished in a heartbeat. However something made me intrigued and from the outset this kindling of a burning desire to get this life I so badly crave, full of enjoyment and direction, sparked into life.

I began to speak with other likeminded people and then, all of a sudden, there’s a sense of life which is full of creativity, positivity, energy and enthusiasm. Something that seemed as though it was not possible for me before, I had put that down to my personality, a lack of energy and inspiration, but that’s just simply not the case.

Now, each day on this journey I am pushed to the edge of my comfort zone, but when I go beyond it I feel growth and expansion, and after a short time this becomes an addictive habit in itself. When we see ourselves begin to stand up, create something for ourselves and take positive action towards living a meaningful and fulfilling life, and when there is just a slight notice of progress, man, motivation and enthusiasm start to increase, then more action, more progression, more motivation, more action…

The Dawn of the Leader

The vision at the Six Figure Mentors is not about providing people with the knowledge to potentially be able to leverage an income from the explosive digital economy, it’s about using that as a vehicle, for people to be able to cultivate and transform their lives as a whole, inevitably leading to a happy and fulfilling existence.

undefined It does not take long to realise, we all have tremendous value to offer society in the form of ourselves and our own unique experiences. Likeminded people are just waiting for you to stand up, become the leader and show them the way to prosperity and freedom. And then how can we not take satisfaction from attracting like minded people into our lives and giving them the means and support to cultivate a fulfilling life?

Only a short way into my journey here I feel an optimism and progress in myself like never before. And now I actually look back on my life's 'failures' or 'misfortunes' with gratitude, for the vast education and experience it has provided me, and I look forward to the future with immense anticipation and aspirations. It is time.

Timing is everything, when we reach that point and we are open to life's opportunities we will find what it is we need to progress. When there's that screaming within ourselves for more. We will know it’s our time to stand up and take what it is we want from life. The insatiable desire to change arises and then we have everything we need to take massive action to have all the success and fulfilment in life we desire. Then there is no turning back and we will be glad to burn the bridges to fear, selfishness and mediocrity in our wake.

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