A Symbol Of Rebirth

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When I went To El Calafate in Argentina and saw the Petito Moreno Glacier, I was literally astonished about the impressive greatness of that incredible spectacle of nature. This glacier covers an entire valley among the mountains of the Andean cordillera and it is the only glacier in the world that, despite the global warming, continually grows.


Essentially what happened here is due to the combination of two factors. First, the micro-climate of this valley seems not to be affected by the greenhouse effect. Secondly, the lake that originated the glacier is smashing against an embankment and, due to the fact that it cannot expand over,  the final parts of ice are collapsing into the water. 

Thanks to these conditions are possible to watch every day at one of the most majestic sights in nature. The fall of these blocks of ice and the pounding sound when they plunge into the water are unforgettable moments for all those that visiting this place.

I've put some pictures in a sequence where is possible to see the fall of one of this blocks, I'm sorry it is not a video so it's not possible to hear the sound, but I hope the outcome will be quite pleasant.


When I think back at this glacier always a positive thought crosses my mind. The idea that, like the Petito Moreno Glacier, we also, after a disastrous fall, can rebirth more strong than ever. In spite of overwhelming odds, we will be able to start again our search for a better life.


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