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My name is Michal ( read me-how) . I am Polish living in UK

Thank you for stopping by to read my profile. I will try to make it interesting for you to read.

Veganism has changed my life for better and probably saved my life too. I used to be very unhealthy person, prone to get ill every month. After changing to vegan plant based diet I reclaimed my health (if you want to read full story click here). It was a beautiful journey because apart from changing my eating habits I also had to change my mindset. I had to open my mind and heart to new knowledge about healthy eating and stop believing in BRULS (Bullshit Rules) about how healthy diet should look like. My whole life has changed. Now health is my number one priority.

I am passionate about helping people to live healthy life. It makes me feel sad when I see people eating unhealthy food and then they get ill. I want to share with you my experience and knowledge on how to become and stay healthy. 

Thanks to veganism I became more compassionate and empathetic towards animals. I mean all animals pets and farm animals who are being abused and killed in millions on daily basis. I put myself in their place. More info here.

Every year I set up for proper adventure usually in far away countries. When I am there I like to spend some time in the nature. Last time in Colombia, I was trekking through jungle for five days to Lost City.


In my free time I like to go to the gym, yoga classes. In the summer I like to go for bike rides with friends.


Now the most exiting thing. I like doing challenges such as nine weeks insanity workout, half marathon, 10 days silent meditation course and 60 days juice challenge. They help me to grow and build strong character.


I don’t follow the crowd I am person who walks on my own path. I like to be different than others in many ways.

You can get in touch with me on Facebook.