Transforming My Blogging Fear Into Adventure

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Adventure - noun - an unusual and exciting or daring experience.... Sounds about right to me, though this time it's not related to my usual actvities. I am not packing my bags and checking the conditions to go out to play in the ocean with my kite. I am not preparing myself mentally to run up that mountain as fast as I can, or stand in front of someone I am about to wrestle with for a submission in a jiu jitsu match... nope, none of those today, today's adventure starts with me here, sitting behind a wee computer screen writing up a blog post and putting into action things that I am learning.

Learn, do, teach they say... well, here it goes. Learning to put your fears behind you is something I am now very used to doing in the physical world- but it seems I am only just getting the grips of it in the online world. And it is ok :) Since I was young I often found feelings and emotions to be quite overwheming at times, my mother would say to me 'Don't let your feelings run your life'... a statement which still has me thinking.

I love my feelings, all of them... pain, love, joy, sadness... and fear... It is ok to have and feel fear, it is normal, healthy, human... an integral part of adventure, a doorway to freedom on so  many different levels. So by embracing this little adventure and writing this blog, an unusual experience, I am facing all sorts of funny fears and cherishing each, as they are each opportunities helping to build into my freedom.

The ability to transform your mindset, opens up endless possibilities. 


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