An Island Girl in the real World

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Life on a desserted island held many hopes.  Many dreams.  But that is all they really were.  The South Atlantic Ocean, 4000 KM east of Rio De Janiero and 1950 KM West of the Cunene River, which marks the border between Namibia and Angola in Southwestern Africa.  It's ok, don't feel bad, most people don't know that St Helena is even real, much more where it is.  The Islands only mode of transport in 2008 was by the last surviving Royal Mail Ship, (not a banana boat).  But I counted the days, could not wait to get on that Ship and leave.  Oh how we desire to ever move on from what we know.  Adventure into the unknown, the new world. Unto a better place.  I wonder sometimes if I knew the future if I would have ever left that little Jewel in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean.  But it was my time, it was my destiny to leave.  I wouldn't be where I am now if leaving St Helena was not a part of my destiny, right?


St Helena and its fresh Island breeze. That fresh breeze we all long for here in the UK.  The unpolluted, ever changing cool island tide breeze. Bliss, fresh.  St Helena is such a vast place.  From sea sides, black sand beaches to lush greenery. Described by Scientists as a 'volcanic tropical Island'.  Its what I see as the best of both worlds.  Sun, sea, somewhat sand and nature reserves (without the wild animals), tranquil countryside and conserved natural beauty.  I was always baffled by such a small islands natural beauty.  Richard Feynman said, " Nature has a great simplicity and therefore a great beauty."  St Helena Island in my lifetime, as I know and remember it, so simple, so unscathed.  It was not what a real world saw as, impressive, acceptable, convienent and exciting.  It was and is so unique and different, so different.


St Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean.  My place of birth.  My home.  The secret of the South Atlantic Ocean.  What some would give to see what I ran away from at 16 years old.  What I would give to visit that Jewel in the South Atlantic just one more time.


                       Our little St Helena Island. Always deep within my heart.                                             You were my very true love, even from the very start.                                                  You are so beautiful. The best I've ever known.                           The prettiest Isle, in the whole wide world.

If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it and inspire someone else with the knowledge of the Jewel surrounded by the South Atlantic Ocean.  And by all means my dear readers, come back again.  And always remember that you deserve IT!  Stay safe and take care.

-Danielle Yon

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