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As a man thinketh so is he...

There is nothing as powerful as a changed mind! You can change your name, you can change your home, you can change your dressing, you can change your friends, you can change literally everything in your life but if you do not change your mind then you are wasting your efforts.

If you want to reach some goals or if you want to acquire something in life it is very challenging! The reason being it is hard to change some negative habits and behaviors and lifestyles that we are used to and environments that are familiar and all our comfort zones.

Most people go through life without discovering their talents never discovering who they were meant to be since they were born because they are raised to believe in the norm not knowing that normal most times is mediocrity.

Success can not come in your comfort zone and successful people would testify to this. Friends until your comfort zone is shaken then you are not ready to discover your purpose in this life and you are most likely to live a life of average if not below average.

There is stuff in life that is holding you back but you have to push through in whatever is holding you back by stepping up. This may be a fearful experience but unfortunately, that's the only way to find the real you who is hidden behind he the door of fear.

All successful people we see around had to go through a certain process and some years of preparation behind the scenes, maybe through hard work and dedication and overcoming obstacles before they were rewarded in public.

Folks you have to develop the courage to go find which you were meant to do in this life otherwise you will never know it. The biggest mistake people do is going around seeking other peoples approval not knowing that this is all about you.

Quit wasting time! time is valuable! Use your time wisely by discovering you and this calls for time and commitment. You have to be persistence! Even when you are faced with failure just keep trying again and again! as this is the quality of winners. WINNERS DONT QUIT!

If you are in a state of mind whereby you know what you exactly want in this life and you choose to keep moving until you find whatever you are looking for then the chances are that you will find it if you don't let anybody stop you.

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