Cape Town

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I’m in Cape Town for a Short Holiday, I’ve been missing all my Friends and the Mountain!

The trip is kind of Bitter-Sweet, on the one hand, it’s lovely to see all the Familiar Faces and on the other, it’s sad that I don’t get to see them that often! It reminds me of the fact that Life really is about the Connections you make with Others.

I went and Climbed Table Mountain this morning. Besides it being one of the 7 Wonders of the Natural World, it is one of my Favourite things to do in this Town!

Travelling in Cape Town, Table Mountain

It was a Super-Windy day, so the Cable Car was not operational, but the African Sun was out and the Air wash Fresh!

I like Hiking Barefoot, especially if the Route is not too Pebbly and many of the more Established Routs on Table Mountain have these really comfortable Flat Boulder Steps.

Travelling in Cape Town, Table MountainThis could all just Be In My Head, but I always feel like I have More Energy when hiking Barefoot.

I don’t know if it’s because you’re not Isolated from the Electro-Magnetic Field of the Rocks and Soil, or if it’s the Reflexology Massage your Feet get while Walking, but I felt so Energetic!

Travelling in Cape Town, Table Mountain

I took a Route Called

Travelling in Cape Town, Table Mountain

it is I think, the Most Interesting and Beautiful Route up the Mountain.

There is a part where you have to “Scramble” up the Rock-Face using Chains & Brackets for more than 50m vertically up, it’s So Much Fun! At the Top of this Scramble, there is an Amazing Passage Between two large Boulders, which Leads to this Glorious View!

Travelling in Cape Town, Table Mountain

I came down for a Lunch Time Yoga Class,

met a Friend for Lunch and

now I’m off to see the Sun Set over the Ocean on the Promenade.

Travelling in Cape Town, Table Mountain

Travelling Feeds the Soul!