Carousel of Opportunity!

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Carousel of Opportunity!

Opportunities are all around us we just don't see them, even when they are staring us in the face!

You've probably heard the expression, the window of opportunity!

Well, I believe that the window of opportunity does not give us the full view! 

It only gives us the view in the direction that the window is situated, and when you look through your window there may be obstacles that block your entire view.

"Now think of a beautiful coloured Carousel!"

The carousel turns 360 degrees, it is bright in colour, its great fun, it's not going too fast that you can't jump on and there are so many different seats for riders, all unique in their own way!

The platform turns round gently, while the seats slowly move up and down.

It's your choice whether or not you enjoy the ride!


Now throughout my life, I have chosen to ride the Carousel, and I have been presented with all different types of opportunities in all aspects of my life!

But I have ridden the Carousel, this has enabled me to travel using my skills and talents that I have been given, doing something that I truly love and am passionate about which is singing and dancing.

Meeting people from all different walks of life, having fun and enjoying myself!

Experiencing different languages and cultures!


Now I am once again riding the Carousel of opportunity!

This time it's in the form of the digital world, which I happened to stumble across, whilst I was listening to my positive affirmations online, which helps me with my positive mindset that helps me to achieve things I never thought possible.

Now every opportunity is different for each and every one of us and our journey will be our own personal journey.

We will learn lots of different skills and knowledge along the way, it takes away the very thing that you crave to have the most of and that is time and money!

You don't have to be great with technology as everything is broken down and is easy to follow.

We have excellent training, live and recorded webinars and the community are here for you!

It works for others so why not for you?

This opportunity is not for everyone! I must stress this! When the going gets tough the tough keep on going.

There are people who stumble at the first hurdle, then choose to quit and are likely to blame others.

Not everyone can invest in their time, as they are already stretched to their limits.

Investing in your self and your future, now that's a biggy! When money is mentioned people run a mile.

"Don't think you are alone, reach out to the community, they are your strength when you feel weak, they are your courage when you have lost yours, you can borrow their belief in you until you gain your own self-belief, they are your shoulder to cry on".

We are all here for you!

What will your next opportunity be?

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Have a Superfantastic Day!

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