Digging For Coin

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Holiday in Victoria Australia

We set out from Mt Compass South Australia and headed for Clunes in Victoria. On arrival, we settled ourselves into a cabin in the Clunes caravan park. I could hardly contain my excitement, I was finally back in the Golden Triangle. It had been 2 years since I had been here last. I was busting to get my Garrett AT Pro out and start digging some dirt. The search for that elusive Gold Nugget to begin.


The First Day 

On the first day champing at the bit, Malcolm and I headed off on our expedition to Talbot. Mal had hired himself a Minelab GPX 5000 and myself I was armed with my trusty Garrett. Well to tell you the truth, the Garrett really struggled with the high mineral ground, with a smaller coil seemed ok. I was hoping to hire a better machine myself, but being a self-employed trade was waiting to be paid up from a job before the trip. On arrival at our destination, we came across a spot that looked interesting to me and decided to give it a go. Mal had never used a metal detector before, a complete novice. I got him started gave him a quick run down and pointed him in a direction to start working in. I then proceeded to get my gear out of the car and was getting myself ready.

The Find 

Well, you wouldn't believe it, Mal had gone no more than 30 seconds when the Mindlab started screaming. Mal in an excited state asked, "what do I do now"? I dropped what I was doing and headed straight over to him. I grabbed a handful of dirt, I passed my hand over the coil, with the first handful the target was in my hand. You can only imagine my surprise, yes a small nugget the size of a half a pea lay in the palm of my hand. It was just laying on the surface sunbaking. Well, you can imagine how I felt, I have been looking for gold for about 3 years and found nothing, "Mal first time ever, first fricken time! and presto". Well, at least I found the area and "WE" didn't go home empty-handed.

The next day we headed off with the girls and started to look around Castlemaine. My heart just wasn't into it and my head was still out looking for gold, my patience was running thin. My wonderful wife could see I was champing at the bit and asked me, would I like to take some time for myself and go and do some more detecting. Well, I couldn't get out of there quick enough, I had seen a new spot that looked interesting while driving to Castlemaine and I was so keen to check it out and get detecting in.

Digging for coin  

Arriving at the spot, geared up and ready to go I started detecting. Once again no more than 6 meters from the car my faithful little Garrett sung its song, I knew straight away what the sound was. With much anticipation, started the digging for a coin. About 3 minutes later I was standing there, this ancient Chinese coin in my hand. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. This was an incredible find, It wasn't gold, but it was something very special. The thought's that ran through my head. I looked around and imagined what it would have been like 200 years ago. And what the owner of the coins life must have been like, what had become of him, and how had he come to lose this coin.

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Dynasty Of The Coin 

This type of coin I believe is a yin and yang coin, they were used as a good luck charm and were normally hung by a piece of leather either around the neck or the wrist. I am not really sure of the Dynasty as I can't seem to find a symbol quite the same. If anyone can give me a possible date I would be grateful. 


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